My sewing goals this year!


It’s pretty ambitious, but I will try to keep it up as much as possible. This is the selfish sewing part. Bear with me.

Every month there’s a new pattern on the block that has just been released out into the wild, and about every time I want to buy it. That leads to me hoarding patterns. Hoarding and hoarding without having the time or money to actually go through with the project. So this post is actually for me to keep track on myself.

The lists below is some of the sewing patterns that I already own. I want to make these within this year. Some of them I’ve already made, but most of them I haven’t yet. I’ll confess that I have waaay more patterns, but these are the ones I’m prioritising.





Ok, so 20 patterns and I have about 10 months on me. That makes it about two patterns a month, which is doable I hope! As you can see, I also almost exclusively only sew from indie pattern companies. That’s love.

When I have made something on the list you will be able to click on it an see what I’ve made. When you click on the pattern companies name you can see (and purchase them as well!), which pattern I’m talking about if you’re not familiar. I will probably also sew a lot of other things within the year, but this is the goal. Chances are I’m going to make more than one of each pattern as well.




Sophie Bach Meuche

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