May 1st, a very good day!


This month, so far, starts out great! We ate a huge breakfast, the sun came out for the first time in what seems like forever, it’s flag day(!), and we got to take some pictures. So while hubby is brewing his beer I’m blogging about my hobby!

I made this dress yesterday. YES, yesterday! It took me 2,5 hours to sew it together after cutting it out. It turned out great since now I have a new dress to start May, and May isn’t any other month for us sewcialists! It’s me-made-may, and I’m starting out great!

It’s flag day, and this year is the first time that we have a space for a flag, so I had to have one! It’s beautiful isn’t it? Making this picture a bit Norwegian romantic nationalism. Even though I’m in Norway, I’m so glad that I can have French patterns sent up to me, because this pattern is AWESOME!


Ok, it’s really not fair to the other pattern companies, but every pattern that I’ve purchased from Deer and Doe has been a dream to work with and wear! I love every last one of them, and the fact that they come in paper pattern only. It forces me to actually buy the paper pattern rather than the PDF (which is horrible and time consuming), and it looks really good on the shelf as well.

This dress is a stretch dress, so not much fitting issues here, I only lengthen the bodice by 3 cm which was perfect! The pattern is a princess seam bodice with a half circle skirt. I love that even though it’s a stretch pattern it also have some shaping. The pattern didn’t come with any pockets, no problem! I just took the pocket piece from my Snow White and Trusty skirt and made an inseam pocket. Easy peasy.


I’m incredibly pleased with the side seams! Look at how each four pieces match up to that exact point! It’s awesome! The top stitching on the bodice was difficult to do on each bodice piece, but oh well. I don’t think I’ve ever made this happen before, and on both sides! I guess it’s the genius of the pattern.

After finishing the dress late last night I went online to see if Stoff and Stil had any more of the fabric because it was so comfortable to wear and easy to work with. To my disappointment they didn’t. No shock there, I did buy it on sale some months ago. I just thought it was a sale and not going-out-off-stock-sale. But silver lining! I have enough of the fabric to make a crop top version for version C of the Zephyr dress.

So what do you think about my Tinker Bell dress? Don’t you also think this is so Norwegian romantic nationalism? Maybe it’s only because of the flag come to think of it…


Sophie Bach Meuche

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