Good old Jedediah.

Another Jedediah for Hubby

  • Pattern: Jedediah Pants from Thread Theory
  • Fabric: Marine blue twill from Goldhawk Road

I made this pants for hubby last summer and decided to blog about it now. I don’t know why I haven’t blogged about it yet, but here he is.

This is not my first Jedediah pants, and sure will not be the last one either. The pattern fits hubby like a glove. He thinks it’s comfortable to wear and the width and the length is perfect. I took these pictures to enter a little contest where the theme was pants. Every other contender made women pants, so mine was a bit ignored. No reason to frown, or at least frown upside down, because either way my hubby got some new pants!

I really like the slash pockets on pants in general, making it more fancy in my opinion. The fabric was a bit tricky to work with. It was a bit too stiff making it hard to fold it into flat felled seam. You can see I had some problems tucking the seam in on the picture below here because of the stiffness. Stupid me after already making one Jedediah pants I should’ve remembered not to snip the notches, but marking it instead. The snips made it even harder to fold. So heads up for you other makers out there, if you’re using flat felled seams at the back, don’t snip the notches. At least not on this pattern.

I am planning on making him another pair of pants once I have my own pair of jeans ready for action. I’ve gone through two muslin pants already so hopefully I’m getting there soon. Wish me luck with my tricky butt!


On the side note: it’s my mothers birthday today! So, happy birthday beautiful mother <3

Sophie Bach Meuche

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