Mom rocking Deer and Doe!


My mother is the best person I know. I know everybody says that about their mother, but I’ve always been a moms girl.  This year I made the shirt and sweater for her birthday, which was on Saturday June 4th. Me and my sister who live far away from home hadn’t been home since Christmas! I had a few days off work, and luckily my sister did also so we both flew home the following Sunday. I waited an hour at the airport for her plane to arrive and our brother came to pick us up. When we came home we tipped toe around so they didn’t hear us. Then suddenly we stood there and both mom and dad were screaming all over the place! So much fun!


Back to the sewing. I have the exact same body as my mother. All the curves and everything. So it’s easier to sew for her. I can just try it on and if it fits me, it fits her. I only have to lengthen the bodice for me. That means that mom and me have the same problem that we’re pear shaped. She hasn’t found any shirts that fit her bodice and still not to tight around the bottom. When I made her the first Bruyere shirt for lunar year, she loved it. She asked me if I had the time maybe she could get one in white as well, to use in a more formal setting, and here it is. She is the absolute best with the cute pink slippers on!


I didn’t only wanted to give her the shirt, so I made an Ondee sweater to go with. Deer and Doe is so clever to have patterns that match up perfectly. She was unsure that she would like the Ondee sweater, because it was a bit too modern for here. She turned around when she used both the shirt and sweater together. She’s wearing it oh so beautifully. It’s been 6 months since we all were together, so of course we had to make a memory out of it. Dad took out the camera and it was posing time!

This was the first day when we came home. Dad said one formal and one funny. Only me and my big sister got the message I think… My brother had to get back to his flat after dinner, so the following day we drove up to him to eat at the restaurant where he just got the job as a bartender (YAY, KEVIN!), and got a nice discount. Of course, soft ice for dessert. Lovely days at home.

You can see when we where in Tønsberg that me and my mother had me-mades. Me in my Elastigirl dress and my mother in Bruyere. Too bad we only got to be home for 3 days. I’m so looking forward to being home a whole week in July! In the end, the surprise visit was well executed and mom was so happy for the gift I gave her. That really warms the heart.


Sophie Bach Meuche

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