Fashion with Edna Mode


  • Name: Edna Mode
  • Pattern: Winslow culottes from Helen’s Closet
  • Fabric: Black cotton lining and chiffon from Stoff & Stil

For the last two years my group of friends has gathered together for a weekend in Oslo in July. It so happens to have been the second week in July both times, so we made a tradition doing it again this year. Lately it’s been harder when people has started to have a full-time job and can’t get away whenever we can. We have still manage to stay together anyways (much because most of us has found a partner within the group!).

For the occasion I wanted something bold and sexy to wear, but I didn’t know what.. Then one day out of the blue when I was watching Britain’s Got Talent season 10 audition, it came to me. The fantastic sexy and flirtatious skirt. I’ll show you.


It’s the girl group Zyrah Rose. Can you see the red head? Of course you can. That skirt! After some research I found a similar, if not the same skirt on ASOS. After using a lot of time finding the skirt I was hesitant about buying it. Why? Because it’s basically just a bikini underneath. I’m not all that comfortable with my body to actually pull that of. So the thought occurred to me, what about shorts?  Shorts might work. Instead of using time trying to find a shorts pattern I used an old basic tights shorts that I never used from years ago.  So I made a gathered skirt out of chiffon, (and overestimated how much chiffon I actually needed) and sewed it in with the existing shorts. I did use it the whole evening, but I’m not so pleased about how the the waistband of the skirt actually turned out. Then came another idea, and I took Edna’s advice…

You know who Edna is hitting, right? It’s Helen Parr aka Elastigirl. Which is a coincidence because my idea involved a Helen’s Closet pattern. This is my second culottes, and the second time I used Helen’s pattern to make it. But the difference is… I made a version A and D! All in one garment! I bought to much chiffon for the skirt and was sitting with about two more meters of it when I was done. I thought to myself that the idea of a shorts underneath a skirt is genius, so why not a shorts under pants?

On this pattern, instead of inseam pockets I made slash pockets. The reason for the pocket change was that I wanted to make french seams, by doing that I needed to close the side seam completely. So being me, and needing pockets, this was the solution. I made this culottes right before I was leaving to visit mom and dad, and  didn’t get to finish hemming the culottes, so I let it hang here in Trondheim for a week while I was away. And about two more weeks after that. I guess I was making sure that the hem has actually dropped properly (*insert emoji with sweat drop here*)! Don’t worry. It’s not like I waited for a cape!

It may be hard to see it because of the reflection of the sun, but it actually is a version A underneath the version D of the pants. I’m very pleased with it and I already have an event which this is totally appropriate to wear.


During my photoshoot with my sister our dad wanted some of that action as well, so he dressed up and wanted some pictures, he had no idea what I did behind him!



Sophie Bach Meuche

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