Initials for Love.


  • Name: Eugene Fitzherbert aka Flynn Rider (from Tangled)
  • Pattern: Ginger Jeans from Closet Case Files / Jedediah Pants from Thread Theory
  • Fabric: Navy blue denim from Stoff & Stil / Black twill from Goldhawk Road in London.

This is love. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s the beginning of autumn, or maybe because I feel endless of love from hubby these days, whatever the reason I’m glad. You are really in love when you have your significant others’ initials on your buttocks. Or maybe it’s because we are engaged and own each others asses! This is the first time I have done some free embroidery on my machine. It was hard, but you can at least see what letters are on the pockets.

I have made Jedediah trousers for hubby before, one in khaki and one in blue, so naturally the next one was going to be a regular black one. The fit is still perfect and I adjusted nothing so I’m just going to post a couple pictures of him in them:

Now over to my second wearable ginger jeans, my Flynn Rider, my hero. It fits me so perfectly, but not without the lack of trying! I thought that the twill I used for hubbies trousers could be used for my jeans as well. Oh how I was wrong! I sewed the pants up from the adjustment pieces from my Vanellope Von Schweetz jeans and was pretty confident that the pants would fit, why wouldn’t they, it fitted on the STRETCH twill I made it from. Stupid, stupid me didn’t think for a second that this twill wasn’t stretch, it was just regular twill.

I don’t like to try before it’s finished, for me it’s my prize to get to have unworn makes as a result of hard work (I know, there comes that stupid brain again!). Being me and thinking the pants would fit either way, I didn’t try them on until every seam had been sergered and the jeans button had been hammered in place. First it was hard getting the legs up my calfs, and then it was stuck right before the butt. It was no chance of it making to the top. I figured I could unpick the side seams and use a smaller seam allowance. After I had been seam ripping in what seems like forever I got careless and made a huge rip in the side seams making a gigantic whole in the front leg. So this one was a goner. I went downstairs, stood in the dark living room, took a deep breath and cried a bit by myself.

After being angry and cried, yes I was quite emotional that day, I dusted myself of and went back upstairs to my fabric stash to search for a good stretchy fabric to make a ginger jeans of. I found this denim that I had been saving for a good day. This couldn’t have been anymore perfect. I matched it up with the same stretch twill as from my Vanellope Von Schweetz fabric and it did hold the standard. So I sewed myself another pair. Hubby put on a movie for me (ironically it was Forrest Gump that didn’t know how to quit) so I could sew. I wasn’t tired at all. The fuel of getting myself a pair of new jeans fired up my brain until I suddenly saw what time it was. It was 04:00 in the morning. Do you experience the same thing? When you’re not tired one moment, but when you know what time it is you suddenly can’t wait to get to bed? Same with hunger and food. Well that happens to me, so with only side seams and waistband to go I laid it to rest and went to bed. Sunday morning I finished the jeans and I’m so HAPPY!! They really look store brought don’t they?!

They turned out much better then the other one I made with the twill. It is a view B of the Ginger jeans pattern, the high waisted one and it covers everything up -front and back!  I used the same fabric from my mother-in-laws blouse to do both pockets. The Jedediah is a slash pocket so I decided that the view was best from the side, but mine won’t be seen by anybody but me so I made it right side in. One last picture of the two of us together.

Sophie Bach Meuche

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