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I love the 50s fashion and going to make a TON of these after I’m done making everything else I have on my list… Why I love the 50s fashion? As you might have seen in my wardrobe, I usually sew up dresses that has a fitted bodice, highlighted waistline and a wide skirt. I feel that almost all of the 50s dresses are like these.. It’s such a flattering silhouette, don’t you think? So feminine!

I’ve had this pattern for quite some time now, but it wasn’t until recently that I had the opportunity to make the time to sew it up. You see I’m in a Norwegian /Scandinavian sewing group on Facebook and before Christmas was a a contest with the theme Christmas outfit. I won (yay!) with my Anna dress and got to choose the theme for the next contest. So my choice was naturally 50s dress so that I could embark on this beauty here.


So here it is! I don’t think I win again, because there’s this one girl who had an amazing dress that she drafted herself, such a beauty, but it’s always fun to sew. And even more fun when you have to priorities a pattern that had been neglected for so long…

I followed the instructions to the point. I did some alterations to the pattern like the length of the skirt. I shorten it by about 30 cm(!) so that it would fit me better. Midi dresses and skirts are so pretty, but I’m short so I would look even shorten when the skirt length is mid-calf. Another alteration was to cut off about 2 cm off the shoulder strap because I have such narrow shoulders that the cap sleeve would just fall off all the time. So by cutting off some of the strap I also had to have deeper armholes so I did that as well.

The buttonholes are actually welted! That was the first time I made welted buttonholes! So time consuming, but absolutely worth it and pretty to say the least. I hadn’t had the time to add the waist stay, but will do it another time.

The back of the dress is pretty low, which is really pretty, and the best part about it? It’s not too low to uncover the bra! (Sorry, best picture I had from the back..)



I was trying to show you all how wide the skirt was by twirling around, but almost fell flat on my face with my heels!



Sophie Bach Meuche

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