New Sewing Patterns!

Yesterday, I received the two last patterns that I have not possessed yet from the By Hand London girls. The two remaining was The Victoria Blazer and the Charlotte Skirt, and I’m so exited! I cannot wait to burn my wallet on fabric that I can’t afford!

Last week I purchased the Nettie Dress & Bodysuite from Closet Case Files as well! I have watched this pattern for a long time, but have not gotten the courage to try something other then By Hand London, but I really wanted something simple that clings to your body. And it goes with anything! And I wanted to get to come out of my comfort zone with cotton to something stretchier, which the Nettie requires. And on another note. For not seeming to selfish I also bought the Negroni pattern from Colette Patterns for my man. He’s starting on his summer job soon, at an IT firm, and they usually have a bit more of a casual-but-dressed dress code. So I hope this pattern can help me sew him some daily shirts he can use, and a more fitting ones too.

Nettie Dress & Bodysuite
Picture from Nettie Dress & Bodysuite
Picture from Negroni Pattern

Today I also got my Japanese pattern book from Ebay! I ordered it about two weeks ago, and now it has finally arrived. There’s a reason why I choice this book,because there is A LOT of Japanese pattern books out there. But I’m not going to reveal the reason why just yet. But I hope it’s good and I hope I can understand the instructions from the pictures..

Sophie Bach Meuche

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