As sexy as Yzma


Let me start with OH MY GOD I MADE MY OWN LINGERIE! I have had this pattern for ages, but didn’t have the nerve to start sewing it. But this, THIS was really a blast! There is some kinks I would have to figure out how to handle, but all in all I’m pretty happy!

When I wear this I feel so sexy all of a sudden! Confidence overload – Muffin top ignored! I feel embellished. Everybody should feel this good in lingerie and this pattern made me truely feel sexy! I’m not going to show you on body photos on this one, because… It’s lace and you see… Stuff… Even though I feel sexy in it, I imagine you’ll have the same reaction as Kronk and Kuzco when Yzma had a surprise for them.


In my local fabric shop they didn’t have a lot og bra making things so I had to improvise a bit. So I bought the fabric and plush there, but strap and hook and eye I had to buy at a lingerie store and then sew it again.

Next time I’ll buy from the internett I think. Anyone now a good lingerie material supplier that delivers to Norway that dosen’t cost an arm and a leg?


This is so pretty I want to cry, yes, I’m that pleased! I was having a hard time with the small seam allowance. I personally thought it was tricky when it’s lace to not feed it to the machine. At least two times I the machine just stopped because the small seam allowance went under the needle! Maybe it’s better with something else than lace? I’ll figure it out!

Not only is the pattern so flattering on the body, it also it very comfortable too. It doesn’t have any wires or anything. Can really sleep in this one without any problems. Maybe I’ll hack it one day and make it to a nighty. That would have been fun, right?



Sophie Bach Meuche

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