Make-It-Yourself March

So this month I’ve joined Wendy and Emma on Make-It-Yourself March this year with the hashtag #miymarch16 on Instagram. There were different themes every day and each day you get to post a photo related to that theme. So here is my contribution:

So this is it! It was a bit intense to find a related photograph to the theme each day, but I think I managed it quite well if I could say so myself! If you follow me on Instagram you might have picket up that I’ve also join Emma with #dressmakers52. It’s only a photo a week and it keeps me posting something sewing related which I love, so that’s a win.

Are you joining Emma with #dressmakers52 challenge? The first topic is out already and it’s “On the shelf” hope your joining, and see you on instagram!


Sophie Bach Meuche

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