Them pockets.


  • Name:  Harris / Hubert / Hamish (Princess Meridas brothers, Brave)
  • Pattern: Oslo cardigan from Seamwork
  • Fabric: Various of knits from the scrap pile in Stoff og Stil

So you know I’m the pocket queen. Cardigans without pockets are simply a no-go. You put on a cardigan over you top, pants and dress, so if you have pockets on one of those garments it is going to be covered by the cardigan. When you then need to reach for something you have to go underneath the cardigan to get it. No more. Pockets to all cardigan!

Here I have made three Oslo cardigans from seamwork magazine. They all have pockets. Three different kind that you can also make on you cardigan.

First off is the princess seam pockets. This one I first made on my Cinderella dress and it can be used to make any pockets on any princess seam garments! I used this tutorial to make it, the illustrations and instructions is so clear that it’s hard to make any mistakes, and the result it amazing.


The second type of garment I used is the patch pocket. Like the ones on my Mike Wozowski and Meeko dresses. Just simply cut out a square. Fold in the edges sew the opening, and sew the other four edges in with the garment. Easy peasy. The fabric on the other hand was hard to work with because of the so incredible light knit. You can see the way it clings to my body here.



The last pocket option I like to call L-pockets. It is actually just lengthening of the neckband. You cut out the neckband adding an L shape out to the side seam. In the process you have to shorten the neckbands width by half and cutting out four pieces instead of two.


Do you also like pockets? Maybe I can find someone as crazy as me. Or just practical. How else are you going to carry all your baked goods when you run away from your mother?



Sophie Bach Meuche

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