Get skirty, fast!


The spring has shown its gracious presence these few couple of days here in Trondheim (FINALLY!!!). Oh how I love the feeling of the sun on my skin again. With spring knocking on my door, I need a spring wardrobe to go with it. Well, I don’t need, I just want too!

I wanted to make more separates for my wardrobe, so skirts and tops are perfect! The first spring item this year is the lovely Chardon skirt from Deer and Doe. It’s the first (and second) time that I’ve made this. No, muslin needed! I only tweaked the length so it suited me more. The added belt loops on version A of the pattern lets me add a fun little belt to the outfit.

My Jock top is a shorten Olaf top making it to a crop top instead. I also wanted to add more print fabric instead of the solid one color thing I had going on. It’s easy to pair with other garments, but very boring in the long run. So when I saw this beautiful big floral pattern on this fabric on my Trusty skirt I had to have it, and it was on sale, so it was a win all over.



I don’t wear brown, but I made an exception for this one. You can see why? It’s so pretty!

When I first saw the whole outfit together when the pictures were uploaded it strike me of a May 17th outfit (Norways constitution and national holiday). The dark blue Snow White skirt with the white Olaf top and the added red belt makes out the flag colors. Maybe I wear this this year! Or, knowing me I’ve most likely make something else new. Last year I wore a marine blue and white Cambie dress!


These skirts have triggered me to make more spring and summer friendly outfits. More and more sun, please! So that I can prance around in these without any jackets or tights would be nice!


Sophie Bach Meuche

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