Shirts instead of skirts


  • Pattern: McCall’s M2447
  • Fabric: Marin blue shirting from Goldhawk Road in London

This men’s shirt is my pride and joy! I made this shirt for my boyfriend, which is too tall for the picture frame (Haha), as a Christmas present. It’s the first time I have  giving him something handmade for Christmas. He was so pleased and with some itsy bitsy small changes on the next shirt it’ll fit him better as well.

This is my first go at the pattern and it took some time to do, but I thought I did a very good job!  I made the shirt after he had left home without me because I still had my last exam left, argh, but I did get to make the shirt in peace and quite. After my last exam I had two days to finish up my Christmas dress, Anna, for a sewing competition (that I won!!) that was ending. Then I had to start on the shirt, which gave me two days to make before I also left home for Christmas, all the while working at the CRAZY don’t-have-a-gift-yet-I’ll-take-30-giftcards-from-you-while-I’m-being-a-bitch-about-it-taking-it-out-on-you-because-I-didn’t-think-to-shop-before-the-last-minute shop at the shopping center. Oh well, that is Christmas..

Back to the shirt! I love all the details that a shirt has; the button placket at the front, cuffs and sleeve placket on each  sleeve, the collar, the single center pleat at the back, and at last the way the back pieces dips in the back just about covers the butt. Leave a little mystery. I tried taking a detailed picture of the details under her.


He has quite long arms, so everything that has sleeves is usually too short on him. I thought I lengthen it enough but clearly not. And the shoulder seam seems like perfect fit, but he says it’s a bit to tight. Can anyone help me with the fitting there? Should I grade out to a bigger size at the shoulders? Or is it something else I can do? He says that the yoke part should be longer, that made no sense to me, maybe someone else understands? If you do, help me!


Sophie Bach Meuche

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