Tweety bird ready for warmer weathers.



  • Name: Tweety
  • Pattern: Moneta dress from Colette Patterns
  • Fabric: Viscose jersey from the scrap pile

This is my second make for the #mmmay, and it’s sort of the second week so I think I’m going the distance!

giphy (4)

This is my second Moneta make, my first one was my Minnie Mouse dress I made during Christmas influences. I admit, I haven’t worn the Minnie Mouse dress since new years. It’s super comfy, but I think it is to much Christmas feeling around it to use it year around. Making a new Moneta made sense, but again making anything makes sense!

I found this fabric in a scrap pile on sale one time ages ago. I thought the pattern of the dots on the fabric was more randomly than grouped in big and small dots, but I like it very much. So comfy!


I think the length is a bit to long for the spring/summer months, but I can change that to the next Moneta I make. This Tweety dress is going to me used frequently.

Sophie Bach Meuche

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