It’s sparkles ya’ll!


First of all this dress turned out perfectly! I’m sorry for bragging, but I’m so happy with how this turned out! The dress is named after Lola because even though she is sexy as hell, you don’t want to mess with her by calling her doll.

I made this dress to attend at the 25th annual of a student organisation I had work with earlier. It was a student gala, meaning if you have a gala dress – use it. I do have a gala dress, but I really wanted to go in something me-made. Hubby was my date for the evening. I was going to make a matching bow tie and pocket square for him, but the fabric was too thick for a pocket square and I didn’t have enough to make w bow tie, oh well.

I’ve made Anna dresses before like my yellow Nala dress (The Lion King). I made this dress for my sisters after wedding party instead of walking around in my maxi Randall Boggs (Monster Inc.) all night long. I made some adjustments to the Anna bodice so that it fit me better then the Nala dress. Lengthen the bodice by 5 cm was a bit too much, so I shorten it down by 2 cm. I also did a sway back adjustment so that it wasn’t that much extra fabric gathered around my back. I don’t have a picture of the back, but it’s better!

Last night was great. The entertainment, the people, the food, oh my gooood the food! It was a buffet, so I had my moneys worth! I went two times and got everything that they had available. There was about 200 guests, and still enough food for me to eat twice of everything.

There was so many options for food, I was glad they had such big plates! Cooked salmon, smoked salmon, slow roasted pig and beef, salad, pasta salad, focaccia with homemade aioli, lam sliders and lots more. My plate was so beautiful I guess that the waiter asked for a picture of it. Win! The dessert was also so versatile, all different kind of cheeses, homemade ice cream, three different cakes, cotton candy, fruit and chocolate fountain! I had a pretty happy foodbaby afterwards.




I love food parties if you didn’t know. This is the first time I’m wearing such a red lipstick, or that much make up for that sake! It was so hard to not think of it all the time and not eat like a barbarian.. It did work out though!

Lola Bunny

Sophie Bach Meuche

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