So this is Christmas.

Name: Minnie Mouse dress
Pattern: Moneta dress from Colette Patterns
Fabric: Velour

Oh man, once again I’m in love with a pattern. This dress took me about 3 hours to make, from cutting til hemming. Not only is it fast to draw up, but you don’t need any fittings more than the bold part from size XS – 3XL. I made this velour dress with some prints on in a size S, and since it’s stretch I think it looks fine! And it’s red which makes it a perfect Christmas dress as well.

You cannot really see the pattern on the dress, so while I looked in the mirror before the pictures, bf took a snap picture of my butt, it turns out you can actually see the pattern so I’m throwing in a picture of my butt!

This dress opened my eyes for other velour fabrics, maybe their out of style, but I like it! It’s soft and a lot cheaper than other stretch fabrics. I think I’m gonna make some in the new Ondee pattern I ordered on black friday from Deer and Doe.

With a slightly bigger apartment, me and bf went to the thrift shop to get some new Christmas decorations. Already we were to late, so all the good stuff was gone, but we got some for now. The past two years I’ve really wanted a big Christmas tree because I didn’t have that growing up, so with the tiny apartment we had I had to improvise so here are the result from the past years:

2014: Gift wrapping paper Christmas tree.
2013: String art Christmas tree with gingerbread advent calendar.

So this year we’re getting ready for a real big Christmas tree, we got this tree foot and the mat at the thrift shop along with some other decorations.





The past three years I’ve also asked for a tea advent calendar, and each year I tell bf in November that I want one, and this year he finally came thru! Proof that nagging freaking works! I thought I was getting a small one, but he went all out and got me this huge package!

Isn’t it pretty? Who wants chocolates in the morning when you can get a nice cup of tea instead? We had two nails beside my family picture so we hung it up there. It’s a nice frame, right? And each day is a different flavor I could try!

I’m currently joining Rachel from House of Pinheiro doing the #sewphotohop this December, so follow me on instagram (@sopba) for updates! The first picture is from the tea I drank today.

Sophie Bach Meuche

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