The start of an autumn collection.


Name: Rapunzel dress
Pattern: Cardamome Dress from Deer and Doe.
Fabric: Light twill

This autumn is kind of hitting me hard. I can’t remember what I was doing before the autumn got here. Where did the time go? Not sewing that’s for sure. I’ve been so tired and stressed out of my mind mostly with school work, and then when I got the time for myself I can’t get myself to relax, oh well. Enough about me. I’m here to talk about my new dress!

With autumn comes a autumn collection. And oh my do I love Deer and Doe’s fall collection. I purchased 2/3 patterns when I found out. I fell in love with the Cardamome dress, because I really need some sleeves in my wardrobe. This is the first time I’ve worked with elastic seams to make the smocked waist, but oh my god how practical! Learned a new skill and don’t have to worry about any zippers (Even though I’ve come to not be so frustrated over zippers lately).

I it’s so pretty! Look at the details! I’ve included the picture of me fixing myself to show you that the sleeve caps also have buttoning on them as well. The planket was a pain in my butt, but so is every planket on shirts I’ve made!

It was windy Trondheim today when I took the pictures, but I had fun with bf.


Sophie Bach Meuche

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