Bella bella bella belladone!


Name: Wall-E dress / Lumière dress
Pattern: Belladone dress from Deer and Doe.
Fabric: Light twill / unknown cotton.

I have been ogling this pattern for way to long telling myself that it wasn’t that wonderful. WRONG! It’s fantastic! Once it fit. There was no finished measurements to be found on the Deer and Doe homepage, and neither on the pattern envelope. So I just tried making it in the size I am according to the measurements there, they usually are to big. And it was.

I had to take 3 cm in on every side to make it remotely fit me at the bodice. But I am half way happy with the first result of this dress. The fit is OK, and I’m using it anyways. Didn’t know what to name the dress at first, I thought about the grey color with the blue stripes, and the white binding. Then it hit me, this is my Wall-E dress. So for the next dress I made it i two sizes smaller, and the only thing that needs adjusting for the next one is to lengthen the bodice a bit.

This lovely floral fabric I got for Christmas from my best friend when she was in Paris this fall. Lovely dress, It’s so lovely and practical, I didn’t had to self-draft pockets even. Slashed pockets are so pretty! French dress, French pattern, French fabric, so why not a French name – Ladies and gentlemen introducing the Lumière dress.

Sophie Bach Meuche

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