The Kims

Name: Cornelius Robinson dress / Kronk dress / Pascal dress
Pattern: Kim Dress from By Hand London.
Fabric: Cottons

The title of this blog post seems like I’m going to talk about a Korean family. But no. It’s the lovely Kim dress from By Hand London. I made a Christmas dress from this pattern. Although it looked like it fitted me well, it didn’t. So I’ve tried to make it fit better with these three dresses.

The first one I made during Easter break with the Elisalex dress, Charlotte skirt and Cambie dress. It didn’t feature in that blog post because I new I was going to make more of this. So. The straps of the first dress kept falling of my shoulders, and I had lengthen the bodice to much with my usual 5 cm. So on this green dress (that was intended for St. Patrick’s Day, but I didn’t have the time) I’ve shorten the lengthen bodice  to only 3,5 cm the bodice, and the straps by 2,5 cm and paired it with a full circle skirt. Calling this the Pascal dress For Pascal from Tangled.

It was fine, but I thought the sweetheart neckline was to high up when shortening the straps, and the waist was a bit big. But circle skirts is so freaking fun!!!

The next one I drafted the bodice without any alterations, no lengthening nothing. The waist was still a bit big, and the shoulder straps kept falling of my shoulders. Since it’s a math dress I thought of Lewis/Cornelius in Meet the Robinsons. So I’m calling it Cornelius Robinson dress. ARGH!

Here’s a close up from the fabric I made the dress from, it’s my mathematics dress. And it gave me an idea for making a plain white dress and writing all the mechanisms and important words from Organic Chemistry and wear it during the exam in June. That’s not cheating, right?

The last one. This is perfect. And best of all? It’s made from Patsy the Printer that By Hand London had for a while. It’s a dress made out of By Hand London pattern, WITH By Hand London fabric!!!!

The trick was to go down a whole size. By going down a size and lengthen the bodice by 3,5 cm it fitted. The straps didn’t fall off and was always on my shoulders. Not bad. I love these pastel trees. I could of course done a better job at pattern matching, but i’m happy. The sun outside was a bit brights so we took some pictures inside as well. I love this dress, and thinking of the character I love most in the Emperor’s New Groove and calling it the Kronk dress.

Sophie Bach Meuche

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