The three B’s.


  • Pattern: Paxson Sweater from Seamwork.
  • Fabric: Various of knits

I have really been good so far this year. One of my new years resewlution was to do more unselfish sewing for the family. So, so far this year I’ve sewed a sweater and a shirt for mom and dad for the lunar new year, an exact same skirt as mine tulip skirt for my sister, and how’s left? You got it, my three B’s.

So who are they? You might have guessed it already it’s my brother, boyfriend and brother-in-law. I really loved how easy the Paxson sweater pattern was so I wanted to make more of those, it was such a quick make after I have traced and cut all the sizes. Of course they do not have the same size so I’ve used a lot of time to traced the different sizes. My brother is a size XL, boyfriend is a L and brother-in-law is a size M (as my dad, so yay, no extra tracing!).


I tried hanging all the sweater outside and taking a nice picture of the three. It was so windy and the grey one, my brothers, is a very light knit so it blew all over the place. After almost 50(!) tries I got this one.

I think they all really liked the sweaters. I only have to lengthen the arm and bodice of boyfriends sweater for the next time, but all the men in my life has a Paxson sweater now and that’s pretty cool!


Sophie Bach Meuche

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