Shirtmaking for real.


Since I’ve made the Bruyere shirt for my mother, I’ve been holding of on making my own until recently. So this is my muslin Berlioz (the grey kitten in AristoCats) shirt. I need to make the bust a little bigger. Because when we took the picture above here, my top button popped open. Whoopsi.

Here is a picture up close so you can actually see the colors. It’s quite colorful; grey, white, blue, beige and some inbetween colors as well. The colors for me is a bit boyish, if you catch my drift, but I’m really happy with it.


I’ve lengtehn the bodice about 3,5 cm so the waistband would actually be on my waist. I think I nailed it! Here you can see (me whining about the snow) that I cut the waistband and cuffs on the bias so that it canceled out some of the strips. I’m too impatient and broke to do the pattern matching thing. But…


Looky here! You can’t even see that the back yoke is a separate piece can you?! Happy sewing “accident”. Pattern matching to the point!



Sophie Bach Meuche

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