Stitch needs Lilo.


  • Name: Lilo
  • Pattern: Mesa dress from Seamwork Mag
  • Fabric: Double knit

Last night I came to think that I hadn’t sewed something new for this weeks #mmmay16 yet. I didn’t have any plans last night either so I sat down to sew, but what? What can I make that I already have the fabric and pattern for? Something simple that didn’t need much fitting. What will I make, what will I make… So I looked up on my sewing goals for this year for some inspiration and there it was, like lighting from a clear sky.

The Mesa dress! Simple, elegant, quick! I used about 5 hours (I think) from when I traced it to the last stitch was sewed.


I did have some issues on the way though. I couldn’t quite figure out which size I was suppose to trace. In the instructions the finished measurements said that the bust of a size M was 100 cm (39,5 inches), but on their page it said to be 88 cm (35 inches). It’s 12 cm difference! Very confusing, but since I’m between those sizes, I’m 92 cm (36 inches) at the bust, I figured it couldn’t  hurt. I traced a size M at the bust and waist and a good old L for my hips. I also lengthen the bodice a bit, but stupid me forgot to do a sway adjustment. Oh well, it wasn’t that visible. I feel that the dress could be a bit more snug, but it’s quite comfortable as it is now. 

The fabric is a double knit. On the outside it is this geometric pattern of red, and on the inside it’s plain black. Do you remember my Stitch dress? This is the same fabric only in red. Do you get why this dress is called Lilo now?

Sophie Bach Meuche

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