#mmmay16, thank you for this year.

I started to sew my own wardrobe in March 2014. I only sewed a couple of things now and then, so when #mmmay15 started last year I was SO proud to participate. I was so proud to be a part of a community that had so much love  and was so including. If you were a beginner or at the advance level it didn’t matter. The love of making was endless. So with the few pieces of clothing I had made until that point was so well received and I felt that I belong. So thank you so much Zoe for starting this up whenever you did, because this means the world to me.

The love of making is stronger than ever. And the love I feel from people I don’t even know (only virtually) is amazing, I truly love this community. I hope I give out as much love as I have received.

Ok, enough mushy mush… I wanted to do a round up of my makes (you know, because I’m so proud!) on the blog now that it’s over. I hope you all enjoyed my wardrobe, but I’m also relief. Why? Because I’m sick of taking pictures of myself every day. But I made it through! Here it is:

Week 1: Since May 1st was on a Sunday it still gets it’s own week. We Norwegian start our week on Mondays if you didn’t know!


1. Tinkerbell

 Week 2: New make of week was the Tweety dress.

2. Meeko / 3. Ray / 4. Figaro & Trusty / 5. Cinderella / 6. Tweety / 7. Bolt & Snow White / 8. Elastigirl

Week 3: New make of week was the Lola Bunny dress.

9. Genie & Jane Porter / 10. Hamish & Olaf / 11. Mike Wozowski / 12. Hubert / 13. Buzz Lightyear & Pongo / 14. Lola Bunny / 15. Mowgli

Week 4: New make of week was the Elsa dress.

16. Queen of Hearts / 17. Elsa / 18. Esmeralda / 19. Lumiere / 20. Timon / 21. Rapunzel / 22. Kronk

Week 5: New make of week was the Lilo dress.

23. Stitch / 24. Sebastian / 25. Donald Duck / 26. Mrs. Potts / 27. Bolt & Jasmine / 28. Cornelius Robinson / 29. Lilo

Week 6: Sorry, no new make the last week!

30. Hades / 31. Wall-E

I really hope you all enjoyed following me during #mmmay16 on instagram and hope that you still continue following even though it’s over. I had a great time and can’t wait for next year!

Sophie Bach Meuche

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