Fierce, gentle and totally insecure.



Rex looks totally fierce with his badass Tyrannosaurus rex looks, but when you hear him speak and get to know him, he is so gentle, adorable and cute. Not to mention his insecurity, which makes him even more adorable. I’m naming this dress after him.

I actually won the Emery dress pattern from Christine Haynes herself! She had gained 5K followers at the time and had a giveaway on her instagram acctount. Lucky as I was her cat, Pinta, picked me as a winner and I chose this pattern. You can see the results here.

Before I started to sew Rex I only had one emery dress in my wardrobe. That was Genie. He has been a stable in my wardrobe and I’m guessing Rex will be too. The fabric I used for Genie was a bit stiff, so I was determinant to have a more softer fabric for the next emery dress I made. Mission accomplished. The fabric is also in a darker color making it perfect to wear in the colder months as well. Just putting on some leggings under the skirt and a cardigan over the shoulders and it’s a year around dress. Love it.

I’m very pleased with the fit on this one. I thought I had shorten the skirt from the last dress, but apparently I hadn’t. The length isn’t too long, but it makes me shorter than what I already am.  The bust and waist darts are perfect! I feel really pretty.

We took these pictures last night, yes, this is about 22:30 here in Trondheim, Norway (10:30 pm) nowadays. So the sun was pretty low, but I had to take some pictures in front of this flower bush. It’s green with pink flowers on. Spot on for my dress! Even though the sun was very sharp and low at the time. It made a pretty backdrop in my opinion.

Summer is going on full time now (hope I’m not jinxing that!), and my sewing plans for the summer is CRAZY. I really hope I manage to make it all in time for all the events that I’m attending this summer. Hope that I don’t get to lazy and fat over the summer as well. Some people get skinnier during summer. Me? I’m staying the same or gain a few kilos.. Oops. Oh well. Do you want the inside tip on how to get a bikini body? Tip 1: Put on a bikini. There is no other tips. Love who you are. That’s the body positivism saying for the day.

Sophie Bach Meuche

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