I never knew I could love culottes that much!


  • Name: Baloo (from The Jungle Book)
  • Pattern: Winslow Culottes from Helen’s Closet
  • Fabric: Duvet cover from Fretex (second hand store)

When I discovered Helen’s closet she was at the last stage of announcing her first cloths sewing pattern ever. I’ve seen only beautiful versions of these culottes. I have never made culottes myself at the time and thought it was a genius idea. I mean, pants that is masked as skirts? Mind blown.

I purchased the pattern when it came out on Monday this week. Printed it out on Tuesday and assembled the PDF pattern, traced and sewed it up on Thursday. Only a muslin, but a wearable muslin! A muslin that I liked so much it is absolutely staying in my closet.

I made the view B of the pattern. The reason is that I’m not convinced that I’ll look so good in other lengths. I am however very comfortable in the view B which has 56 cm in length (which is my go-to skirt length). I could go for the shorts version of A or the maxi length of D, but the version C is making me seem very short. I may make up a pair just so I could test it out, but in my experiance midi lengths doesn’t go well.

I’m going to make a whole lot of culottes in the future! I think I might also make it in one bigger size. This is a comfortable size for me (size 10), but I think I want it to be more wide-legged and I don’t mind adding a couple centimeters around my waist either.


The fabric for the muslin is a blue-grey-ish color with white stems and buds. It’s unbelievably comfortable! Not that that’s surprising because it was originally a duvet cover. Refashion points! I used it the next day for cycling to work and it works like a charm! I was cruising down town, upwind against my face. Cars driving by, I could see a glance or two of people who thought they had seen or was going to see my underwear when my “skirt” went up. HA HA jokes on them!

I was looking for a quick make and Winslow was already printed out so I taped it together and got started. I love that it was such a quick make and that I had a zipper and a usable fabric at hand. Since the discover of the Winslow I am more positive to culottes. I’ve had the Tania culottes pattern from Megan Nielsen Patterns for quite some time now (it is also listed as one of my sewing goals this year) without even tracing it. Knowing now that culottes are awesome I’m embarking on the adventure of I think this summer is the summer of culottes. Chilling out in the warm summer breeze in Winslow. Dancing a round with my friends and loved once, without thinking that the wind might show the world my underwear. Ahh the dream..

Sophie Bach Meuche

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