Meet my new friends, Tom & Jerry.


Tom & Jerry

I have been so lucky to be one of Megan Nielsen pattern testers for this dress. When I got the news of being a pattern tester for Megan I was thrilled, and even more when I saw what she had designed for me to test. When the mail came out I saved the picture, copied nine times onto one page and started coloring to see what I wanted.

I have always wanted a color block dress, so this was perfect! I knew I wanted one that had one color and different colored piping, and one color block dress which has black, white, blue, and mint/pink. At first I thought maybe black, white and just one other color, but after some considerations I thought it would be best to add an other color to make it a real color block (since black and white doesn’t really count that much). I colored a bit and you can see which one I ended up making.


First off, Tom. He is made out of navy jacquard and white piping. I was searching high and low in my fabric shop to find the perfect navy blue light to medium fabric without any luck. I mean, I was there for about three hours trying to find it! So after almost giving up I walked through to the furniture section and saw this jacquard brocade. It was too thick (more of a medium to heavy kind of fabric) to make the Karri dress, but stubborn as I was, and tired after searching I brought it with me home.

The Karri dress is originally fully lined, but with such a heavy fabric as this was I couldn’t add more bulk to it. So I decided to not add lining and finish the seams as I went. As for the neckline, I was going to pip every seam anyway so I figured I could use the piping as some kind of bias binding and finish it off that way. I thought it work well, but the raw edge inside isn’t all that pretty. But then again no one but me would actually see it.

During the make I tried on the bodice. I didn’t particularly like the sleeves all that much so I decided to leave them out. Then I piped the armholes as I did with the neckline. With every seam except for the joining of bodice to skirt I used piping, I probably used round 11 meters of piping. I love that I also managed to pip the seam line where the pocket was at, so that it didn’t stand out as much. Win!

Second of, Jerry my man! This dress was made after the book with different colored cotton sateen. It was much lighter and a lot easier to work with then the thick jacquard. The dress is also fully lined with light woven cotton. I choose to not make the sleeves on this dress either, so instead of hand stitching the lining bodice to the sleeve as the instructions said, I did the other method of pulling the lining through the shoulder before adding the skirt. I love this method. Maybe I’ll do a tutorial on that some day, do you think that would be interesting?

Other than that I went for the slimming effect of choosing a darker color on the side pieces than the middle. I really like that Megan has made a section at the end of the pattern instructions of options you might try with the pattern. I didn’t see it before I was done with my dresses. It is so clever! I actually manage to do 4 out of the 6 options without knowing it. To end this blog post; here is me trying to twirl around so you could see the effect of the half circle skirt, but ended up being too dizzy..

Even though Tom and Jerry fight most of the time, they also have a sweet harmony together and at times the best of friends.

Sophie Bach Meuche

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