Pain and panic duo

Collaboration with Minerva Crafts*

Today I can finally tell you. From this day forward I’m so lucky to be a part of Minerva Crafts Blogger Network! This is so exciting for me to be part of this amazing team of bloggers. For my first post I needed something quick so I made my two first Ogden camis, they’re so amazing I’ve been using them none stop ever since. Go take a look!


Always trying to keep Hades in the dark!

Sophie Bach Meuche

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4 thoughts on “Pain and panic duo

  • Lodi

    Sophie, I love your Ogdens! I’ve been on the wall about the pattern because I hate sticking PDFs. (How many pieces are there?) And don’t complain about all the navy blue. I’ve been on a navy kick all summer ~ and it looks like it’s on a roll! (Bye bye black?) AND, happy happy marriage!

    • Sophie Bach Post author

      Hey Lodi!
      First of all thank you, I’m quite pleased with them myself! I understand your frustration with PDFs, but please do reconsider, it’s such a small price to pay for all the available PDF patterns out there! I hate making time to cut and stick everything together too, but for me living in Norway, the shipping cost of paper patterns can be pretty high, so it’s great that I can get the pattern right away and start that same day if I want to.

      This particular PDF is only 13 pages long, so it’s quite manageable. It also comes with a copyshop sheet you can take to the printers.

      Yay! Another Navy fan! I don’t know why, but it seems like anything I buy now is in navy, one way or another!

      Thank you so much, married life isn’t all that different, but the feeling is amazing. Especially when I see him wearing his ring 🙂