Muslin gift!

Lisas Minuro Jacket

  • Pattern: Minuro jacket from Sewaholic
  • Fabric: Light twill and cotton (out of stock)

I started on this jacket for about a year ago. When I found out that the hips were a bit to snug for me I put in on my WIP pile. So when I had one of my best friends here in Trondheim over it was just laying around. So I asked her to try it on and it fits her! So i figured I could make it for her. This was at in the fall last year. Months went by and I made other stuff and the jacket (missing lining, inner pocket, zipper and alt that jazz) was still in the pile.

This summer, when I actually had other things to focus on I found the muslin again. My friend Lisa’s birthday was on July 18th (same day I got officially engaged!), so I figured I’ll finished it til then and give it to her as a birthday gift. It was very well received!  It fits her perfectly, and I love the fact that even though it was meant for me, it still gets to be used.

I made the whole jacket in a size 6/10. The shell was made out of light twill, and the lining in super cute raspberry curtain cotton from IKEA. The lining of the sleeves I cut out from acetate (?) to make it easier to slide into.  I love the fact that the hood can easily be rolled into the collar and zipped away when not needed. The elastic waistband makes it so more feminine going in at the waist. I love every feature about this jacket and can’t wait to get my own!


Lisa is so beautiful and I’m so glad that she liked the jacket so much. This is the first time we’ve been doing a photo shoot and she thought it was really awkward, but look how gorgeous she is!

I’m working on some ideas on how to make some alterations to the pattern. I’m thinking welt pockets, string around the hood and a button placket to cover up the zipper. I’ll see what I’ll do, it will be a long time before I’ll sew this jacket with everything else going on.

Sophie Bach Meuche

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