Wedding post #4 – The bridesmaids.

  • Name: Sadness, Fear, Madness and Disgust (from Inside Out)
  • Pattern: Kim, Charlie, Elisalex and Flora from By Hand London
  • Fabric: Plain cotton poplin in colors pale blue, iris, light pink and pistachio from Minerva Crafts.

Are you ready for a really long wedding blog post as well as a loving tribute to the By Hand London girls? Let’s begin.

Do you remember I made my Joy dress out of the same fabric as theirs only in lemon yellow and with the Anna bodice? Now meet my maid of honor and bridesmaids. For me, these are the best girlfriends I could ever ask for. Did you see the amazing bachelorette party they held for me? They know me so well, and I can’t wait to be a part of the planning for the next wedding. (Hint hint, someone get engaged! No pressure. Just a nudge.)

These girls have been my rock through this whole process. They are all my girlfriends from high school except for my maid of honor who I met in middle school. We’ve been through thick and thin, and now we can add a wedding to our resume. They deserve all the love I can give and more, and I do believe we can conquer anything we set our minds to with our amazing girl power awesomeness. I hope that they had at least as much fun as I did.

So for my wedding, I wanted to make them dresses that fitted them personally with their style and a dress that they could use later on as well. It’s so sad to spend time and effort on something that is only going to be worn once in my opinion. So I really hope they like it and will wear it later on as well. Without further ado, meet my rocks (pointing out that the name of the dresses does not necessarily reflect my friends state of mind):

giphy (2)

First off, Sadness aka maid of honor aka Trine. She is the loveliest person you’ll ever meet with a gigantic heart, especially if you’re an animal. I am so glad that I have her as my best friend, it’s a privilege I will never take for granted. She is also together with husbands best friend. On my wedding day she is wearing the Kim dress pattern.

Anger aka bridesmaid aka Silje. She is the only one that lived in the same city as I am for the longest of time. From high school, we both moved to Trondheim to study and have been here together until she moved last year. She is also with one of husbands oldest friends. On my wedding day she is wearing the Elisalex dress pattern.

Disgust aka bridesmaid aka Mona. I have actually know about Mona the longest, we went to the same primary school, middle school and high school together, but we didn’t become friends until we both ended up in the same classroom in high school. On my wedding she day is wearing the Flora dress pattern.

Fear aka bridesmaid aka Birna. Birna and I became instant friends when we ended up in the same class in high school. Over the years we’ve lost a bit contact, but when we both are home it’s like nothing has changed and no time has passed. On my wedding day, she is wearing the Charlie dress pattern.

I love this little girl group of mine and would not trade them for the world. Did you noticed that the flower bouquets matched the ladies dresses? Yeah, it was thought off.  My day hadn’t been my day without them. If you’ve read my post about my makes for my mother and sister, you know that I made pocket spuares and bow ties for my father and brother in law. So I did the same for the groomsmen. The loveliest gang there ever is.

I’ve showed you this on Instagram already, but I love that we all had a half updo, and they’re so beautiful.

We had the Vietnamese wedding ceremony earlier in the day. My aunt in Vietnam manages to make tailormade Vietnamese traditional costumes Ao Dai. We sent our measurement to her around Christmas, and my uncle and cousin brought it over for the summer. I wore my mothers dress of course. Had to include this photo of us.


Sophie Bach Meuche

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