Sister sisters!


  • Name: Alice (Alice in Wonderland)
  • Pattern: Macaron dress from Colette Patterns
  • Fabric: Ikea curtains and pink party sateen for my sister and light blue cotton curtains for me.

Background story of the two Macaron dresses: I made this dress for me as a muslin last summer, why? Because I needed to test it out before I made my Randall Boggs dress as a maid of honor dress for my sisters wedding last year.

Randall Boggs

So after half-assed the Alice dress and not finishing the bias seams and hemming I let it sit in my WIP pile until November when I didn’t have anything to wear to the annual firm party. I found the dress and finished everything that wasn’t already done and dressed myself up to a night of good food and entertainment.


My big sister saw my Alice dress on Instagram when I posted it and fell in love. So I made her a dress too as a birthday present.  I figured since I never actually blogged about the muslin dress (or the actual dress) I figured I would take with me my dress and we could have a photo shoot together. My poor brother-in-law had to take all the pictures of us. She wanted the exact same dress as mine only with pink instead of blue. She wanted to wear the dress to a wedding so from the scrap of the pink fabric I made a bow tie and pocket square for my brother-in-law to match my sister.

My dad saw his two daughters from the living room and wanted some pictures as well and here is a little comic strip for you. I love my brother-in-law for documenting this! It was pretty windy that day. OK, so my dad ran out with his camera and took pictures, but oh no! He forgot to hook the door so it smash onto the windows! Everything’s fine, he hooked the door and took some more photos.


My sister showed me how to post as an Olympic athlete, and then we tried to do a wrestling/sumo pose, but before we got to it, it seemed more of an up-skirt photo so we left it out. .


Dance party!


Sophie Bach Meuche

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3 thoughts on “Sister sisters!

  • liamarcoux

    Wow! They fit both of you great! Did you just take flat measurements from her or fit her in person? I’d like to make gifts for my sister and my mom, but can’t figure out a way to make it a surprise…

    • Sophie Bach Post author

      Since I started sewing I measure all my family members. That is so when I actually made them something it would be a surprise =) I’ve sewn for my sister before so the measurements are usually the same 😉