Wedding post #2 – The beginning.

I wanted to make a series of post from my wedding day that I so proudly planned myself. I know that wedding planning makes hubby gag, even though I minimize myself to talking to him about the wedding only if necessary, it was still too much. So after only a month of this, he only replied “Whatever you want, honey. Just give me the date and the bill.” even though he didn’t pay for it by himself. Fair enough, I’ll do what I want, let’s talk wedding!

The date.

When we got officially engaged I looked around for the perfect date. We wanted a summer wedding because that is when most of our guest have the opportunity to attend. We could not have the wedding early in the summer because some of our guests might still have exams to deliver. It could not be too late either because the school might have started then. It wasn’t just students that I had to take under consideration it was also aunts and uncles. This was summer, that means vacation time. You can bet that if my aunts and uncles were going to visit Vietnam they will most lightly going for at least a month. So it could not be in the middle of the summer either.

This might make me a bit unpopular, but another fact that I considered when choosing the date was when I was going to have my period. I was not going to have PMS and freak out over some stupid little thing a week before my wedding. I was neither going to wear white while on my period and of course the last issue – I was not going to have my period on my wedding night.

So what did we end up with? We got married July 1st, which makes the date 01.07.17. Clever, huh? It wasn’t only the date that I wanted, it was the whole year in general. I told hubby about three years ago into the relationship that I wanted to get married in 2017, and here’s the reason: we met each other when we both were 17 years old in high school, he was a senior and I was a junior. Not only was the year matching the date to when we became an item – it is also our ten year anniversary. Ten years ago I met the love of my life at a party. He was drunk off his ass and I was scared of the big drunk dude who told me I was pretty…

The location.

I wanted to have the wedding in our home town. I also think it is some kind of tradition to have the wedding in the brides home town. It makes sense, all our families are there, most of our friends are also from there and everybody most likely has a place to stay without needing a hotel room. So when I was home at mum and dads last summer I searched the web for locations. I saw a location I liked with OK prices so I called the number, an hour later I and my parents were there to look at it.

The entrance leading downstairs to the wardrobe (even though we didn’t need it) was beautiful with a bit of decoration. The first floor was a sixties Teak furniture lounge for easy and quiet conversations with an outside patio if it was getting too hot or if you smoked. We made this area into the “aisle” I walked down to, putting up chairs on each side of the room. Half a floor up was the bar. We had an open bar and hubby brewed our own wedding beer! He brewed five different kinds of beer, and it was about 95 litres of beer in total. It was an open bar, and everybody had a great time I think because it wasn’t much beer left again the next day… But we did have a lot of wine left, though! At last, the second floor was our dining room which later became the dance floor.

The theme.

When I started planning my wedding I knew I wanted a pastel coloured wedding. So after a while and signing my bridesmaids each of their colour I figured out my theme. It was going to be a love tree. In pastel colours of course. My amazingly talented friend Zarina kindly drew up this gorgeous tree for me to use for my wedding theme that you can see at the beginning of this post.

I told her that I wanted a tree with pastel coloured leaves that will be used as a guest book as well. Everyone will write their name on a leaf and I can have it on my wall later. I got the idea from Pinterest, but it suggested using your thumb as a stamp. I thought people wouldn’t want to get their hands dirty with their dressed up, so this was a better solution for me.

I used the love tree theme everywhere. On my invitations, menu cards, table number cards, basically on all the stationeries. Not only that. I gave a picture of the tree to our wedding cake baker and she was thrilled! She hand painted the tree on to the cake herself. Oh my god, I love our cake! I wish I could eat it every day, oh sorry, was I drooling? Each layer of the cake was divided into four layers. In between were two layers of strawberry mousse and one chocolate mousse. The whole thing was covered in chocolate meringue buttercream and then in white fondant. The flowers she made as well were they where editable. The baker was a the beautifully independant Anita from

Sophie Bach Meuche

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