Good and stable, Baymax.



  • Name: Baymax (from Big Hero 6)
  • Pattern: Belladone dress from Deer and Doe
  • Fabric: Floral cotton with a bit of stretch in it from Stoff& Stil [Out of Stock]

To begin with  this is my third Belladone dress. The two other dresses I’ve made with the same pattern is my Wall-E dress and my Lumière dress. If you’ve read that post you know that I started the Wall-E dress after measurements and it ended up being huge, but I managed to alter it to fit after all. The Lumière dress I made in a one size 38 through out the dress and it fits! The only “problem” was that the waist was a bit high up around my ribs, but I use it anyway.

So back to Baymax. Now that I know I needed to lengthen the bodice a bit I did my usually 3 cm lengthen on this one. I think in general that it was a bit long for this pattern now that I think of it. I’ll do the adjustment on the next one.

Another new thing that I tried with this last dress is the blind hem stitch. I have the foot to my machine, I know which settings it’s using, but I still never managed to do it. So this time I tried, and it was hard! Keeping the hem in line when it is curved and only taking a nick of the dress and mostly on the facing, it was a lot to think about. I tried it out on scraps first and felt a bit more confidant and I think the end result was good, but it could also be better. Practice makes perfect, right?


I really like this pattern and here’s a few reasons; First of all, I would believe this is my signature style. I love wearing dresses, it makes me feel pretty and ladylike. Not only that, but it is so effortless to just put on a dress in the morning rather than picking out three pieces of clothing to go together. Dresses in general has a very huge variation, but I mostly love the fit and flare dresses, you know; the 50’s style.The Belladone pattern fulfills my criteria. It is fitted at the bodice and a bit flare at the bottom, making it perfect in any occasions. It has pockets big enough to contain you phone, lipstick, keys, credit card, you name it! It is also the perfect length which is right above the knee. Not too short, not too long either. You can dress it up for a party or a dinner, or dress it down and use it as everyday wear. The options is endless. The interesting details in the back gives it also a lift to the everyday dress.

It’s good to have a stable go to dress pattern that is always there for you, that is what the Belladone is for me.

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Sophie Bach Meuche

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