Summer PJs for my sister!


  • Pattern: Carolyn Pajamas from Closet Case Files
  • Fabric: Second hand duvet cover from Fretex

I dound this awesome duvet in a second hand store and it was perfect for a pajamas. I had two different sides of this duvet cover and only needed the one, so made one pajama for my big sister. I planned on making one for myself in the near future, but since I have sewn other things instead I figured I post a blog for my sister only and for me when I have actually made it. It was perfect, it collapsed well with the bonus day of #sewphotohop also!

I made and mailed her a care-package at the beginning of June which I hoped she’d enjoy. This included the pajamas (duh), some new summer shoes, cinema tickets for Me Before You premier (which has premier date on her last exam, win!) and caramel popcorn. I’ve already talked to my brother-in-law to see if he was home and which time was best for them. I’m sneaky like that.

I have been meaning to make my pajamas as soon as I was done with my sisters so that we could take some pictures together when we were both home for my mothers birthday. That didn’t happen, but I got to take pictures of my sister though. Wish you had me for a sister now, right? Don’t, because I also have a brother and he hasn’t gotten anything yet. Anything other than one of the trippel Paxsons that is. He doesn’t read my blog so I think I can get a away with it! I’ll throw something his was soon enough.

Doesn’t she look great? I absolutely think so! This is the first time I’m making this pattern. I’m really glad to see how it turned out! My sister doesn’t need much alterations as I do, lucky for her. My sisters pajama was made with petrol trims, first time for that as well, and I’m planning on purple for myself. It’s hard to make the trim look good on a 1,5 cm seam allowance when the trim is about 1 cm! I know the instructions said that I should’ve made my own trims, but the hassle. I didn’t pattern match, and still I ended up needing to use another duvet to make the pockets! I was out of trims as well for the shorts.. I’m sorry Julie!

I made the shorts version thinking it was more suitable for the summer seasons, and think she has worn it while she has been at her in-laws all summer! I haven’t heard any complaints, so I think she likes it. After seeing my sister in it my mom also wanted a pair of pajamas! Maybe for Christmas mom!


Sophie Bach Meuche

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3 thoughts on “Summer PJs for my sister!

  • Julie Bach-Solheim

    Man, I am one lucky cookie! I LOVE your care-packages! And fell heads over heels in love with my new PJ’s! I lived in them the entire summer, I might even had strutted a bit walking around proud and tall, telling everyone that they where Homemade by Sophie B ? thanks a million, sis! ??