An addition to the Incredibles family.

The Incredibles children

Have you flipped through the five patterns that Sew Over It made in their capsule yet? No? Well now is the time. Even though I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t buy any more patterns before I’d made everything I intend to make. That promise broke quickly after this pattern capsule came out. I also purchased the Kelly Anorak when it came out, but more on that later!

From before I have two characters from the Incredibles; its the Elastigirl dress (which I’m sorry hasn’t gotten its own post, but used frequently!) and Edna Mode Culottes. So it’s time to expand the family over to the kids.

Jackjack, is perfect! The first fabric I thought of when I saw this pattern was this. I didn’t have enough for a dress, but it worked swell as a top also! I think it’s a bit of destiny that I didn’t have enough fabric for a dress, because I needed to make more separates. Here it is paired up with my Flynn Rider jeans.

Dash is handsome and confident, just like the top I’m naming after him. If you didn’t know I L-O-V-E yellow, especially this pastel kind! I’m so in love it that I’m using it constantly now!

Last but not least, Violet. I admit that this fabric  wasn’t as thick as what was recommended for the pattern, but it turns out to be cool anyway! It’s light and comfortable. The length for the dress was spot on for me!

Even though I haven’t used it much outside its also the perfect Sunday morning dress.




Sophie Bach Meuche

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