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So this is going to be the title of some of my update posts or just in general “what’s happening” post that is not a specific pattern or something I sewed up, but it will be sewing or at least crafting related don’t you worry!

I thought I would start with summarising the year that is about to pass. Here are my best nine on instagram:

I love showing you my makes on instagram. This social media has brought me so much joy over the years and connecting me with other sewcialists all over the world. From my best pictures here from 2016 it’s clear that you like me in red and blue.

So, 2016. That is the year that I officially got engaged. Hubby and I have been talking and agreeing to get married as far back as in late 2014 I think, but this summer I got the ring. I’ve always said to him that I wanted to get marry the summer 2017. Why? Because that is the year of our 10 year anniversary and we’ll be 27/28 years old which seems like an appropriate age to get married. The summer part is just convenient, because that’s the time that most people have vacation. So stay tuned for more wedding themed sewing to come on the blog during next year!

I’ve been thinking a lot about next year and what I want it to be like. If you follow my instagram you’ll see that during #bpsewvember I wish for a happiness planner. I purchase it myself (the shipping fee to Norway was ridiculously high!) and I’m just happy looking at it. I’m hoping this will make me more organised, reflective and not the least making me see what makes me happy. You can purcashed the happiness planner here.

I have a lot of big and small goals for the duration of 2017 and I think it could help me achieve it.

First of, sewing. I’ve been racking my brain for what to do, as you all know I set the list of my goals for 2016 way to high in March and didn’t finish it at all. So when I saw the #sewmystyle challenge my first thought was brilliant, of course I’m in! But looking into the patterns that had been selected and looking though my own pattern stash (that is growing way to fast!) I hesitated. The patterns they have chosen to use does not suit my style, because a lot of it is loosely fit and that just won’t work on me. So I actually thought about doing the same idea, but only I select the patterns. Then funny enough Sara from SaraMadeThat blogged the same thing I was thinking about. I guess great minds think alike! I have a lot of unused (not even opened) patterns that I love the design on, which was why I bought it in the first place. So it wouldn’t be right to buy even more patterns adding to an endless pile. So next year I will try to make at least one new pattern a month. Which one I need to decide then and there.  My mind changes after what I need during that time so I won’t commit to one specific pattern and then changing it. So as simple as this: my sewing challenge for 2017 will be to make at least one new/unused pattern each month. Starting with this mini challenge here: 

That for the duration of 8th-28th of January I will be sewing one day dress and one night dress!

Other than sewing plans I have gotten back into knitting when my machine was at service. Since then I have knitted two miette cardigans and started on a Chuck sweater, both patterns from Andi Satterlund. I’ve also knitted some (*cough* TEN *cough*) small Christmas presents and now I’m taking a littøe break again, but I will be taking the Chuck sweater home to my parents this Christmas.

Another thing I’m taking with me home is my cross stitch project! Yes, that’s right I started another time consuming hobby. First of I wanted to learn something new. A friend at work had just ordered a cross stitch kit that she would be working on during Christmas break. It was a really gorgeous snowy landscape pattern. Then I remembered I had once come upon a cross stitch company that had a year stitch-along with cute people on it. So after searching about a week I found out it was The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery, and since it was December I was just in time to order it for the new year. After going back and forth a while,  because the kit was a bit pricey, I went on purchasing it when I didn’t get the job I was interviewed for. Like a little band-aid. Then I hyped myself up on cross stitching and opened a door to another univers. I found other patterns I wanted to stitch and started right away, I’m so happy I did. It’s like time stops when you’re so focused on tiny stitches. I wouldn’t know that three hours had past if it wasn’t for the TV and I had “watched” nine episodes of How I Met Your Mother. So each month additional to a new sewing pattern I will also stitch the Happily Ever After pattern.

So that is my plans for the new year. I will mostly post my progress here on the blog or at least on my instagram account. Hope to see you there!

Disclaimer: This post has no affiliation with The Happiness Planner, it’s just my opinion and I think it’s a great concept. 

Sophie Bach Meuche

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