Merida and me waiting for spring.



  • Name: Merida (from Brave)
  • Pattern: Doris dress from Sew Over It
  • Fabric: Floral viscose from Stoff &Stil (out of stock)

This is my second dress for the Day and Night Dress Challenge. As you might figured out this is my contribution as a day dress. I think that this Doris dress pattern is the ultimate everyday dress. It is simple, but with beautiful details making it interesting. I made the dress from woven viscose on sale that is now out of stock I believe, I couldn’t find it on their website anymore.

I love the feeling of wearing viscose, it’s soft to the touch, amazing to wear and fantastic draping. There’s just one problem – I HATE WORKING WITH IT! It’s so slippery and always shifts when I cut into it. I’ve read somewhere a long time ago that there was something you can spray on the fabric to make it stiffer and that it wears of after you iron it or something. I tried asking in my local fabric shop, but they hadn’t heard about it or even knew if it excited. I had tried to ignore viscose, but keep coming back to it. If anyone have a tip about working with viscose I’m all ears!

There are those who say fate is something beyond our command. That destiny is not our own, but I know better. Our fate lives within us, you only have to be brave enough to see it. – Merida

After we moved in back in November, we now live by a small lake called Kyvannet. I think there is going to be more photos from this scene in the upcoming blog posts. I just love this lake, it’s the perfect size and in the spring and summer months it’s so colorful.

I had probably walked around this lake a few times already but never seen this dock before. I wanted to get some pictures with me on it and I was determined!  It was a death trap coming down! It wasn’t your normal walk-right-out-on-me kind of dock, no it was climb-down-from-these-pointy-rocks-in-heels kind of dock. If hubby hadn’t held my hand the whole time it was a big chance of me going into the frozen lake. In some of the photos you can see some stripes at the dock. These stripes is me skidding out on the dock in my heels the first two steps I took. That’s why I’m holding the railing, couldn’t risk it as you can see in the video at the end of the post.

So, this is a story line I want to tell you. This is basically me every time hubby takes photos of me in semi public. I think it’s very awkward being photographed. Read it as a comic:

  1. “Hubby, I think someone’s coming this way!”
  2. *Awkwardly smiling at people passing*
  3. Turn around so that they can keep on walking without looking at me.

Every time someone walks by when I’m having a “photo shoot”  I think that they think I think I’m somebody famous, I’m not if you didn’t know…Haha, but I really love this dress and I’m already thinking of making another and that’s the important part. According to my new years reSEWlution I don’t have much time to do another one, but I’m hoping to do it anyway.

Getting back to the dress. I was so lazy the day I made this dress that I didn’t bother with buttonholes. I figured the neckline was big enough for my head to get into without unbuttoning, and the dress has a side zipper so the button band was just purely decorative. This is also the first time ever I made a narrow hem and used Ruth for hemming.  I left the dress on Ruth for a day and a half so that the hem will naturally drop down. Then I pinned the desired length I wanted. After that I used Youtube videoes I found by Gertie here and here. This dress was perfect dress for the narrow hem – recommending!

Other than that I made a a size 12 straight up and it worked out beautifully. I love the tie back option which I needed to feel comfortable in this dress or else it had been too loosely fitted.  I love the fact that the skirt is so paneled and full. The whole thing just works so well together, thanks Sew Over It for a great pattern! For now I’ll be using the dress wit tights and cardigans, but it’ll be perfect for a summer dress alone.

Last but not least, I wanted to show you guys the swishiness of the skirt and wanted to make a boomerang video. It was almost a catastrophic outcome. Sorry for the bad quality from my phone in the dark!

Hubby warned me that he wouldn’t jump in the lake to save me if I fell in! Bad boyfriend points! Luckily I didn’t and came home safely.

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Sophie Bach Meuche

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