Quick and safe!


  • Name: Tantor (from Tarzan)
  • Pattern: Coco dress from Tilly and the Buttons
  • Fabric: Marine blue knitted jacquard in geometric pattern from Stoff & stil

Sometimes you just need something simple and straight forward. I have two Coco dresses in my wardrobe my Mike Wosowski and Meeko, and they both have been used rather frequently. It is such a simple pattern that can EASILY be done in one afternoon. I need something comfortable, simple and elegant I wanted to use for work, so I ducked into the archive to see what I had. Something that is not all that complicated pattern, a quick make and using fabric I already have.

So there it was clear as day. The Coco dress, with pockets and everything. I knew that I had this fabric stashed somewhere to make the coco dress as well. I was reminded of it when I saw Heather from Closet Case Patterns making her Ebony Tee in some similar fabric.

The quality of the photos are a little poorly, and I’m sorry. Usually when I get home from work it is dark outside, but lately is has been lighter! I figured I try taking some photos and make the best of it. The snow that has come back to us newly was so beautiful, I couldn’t resist.

Some more close up details for you guys. I don’t remember the size I made, I only remember I had to add a lot extra around the hips  for it to be an A-line figure. I used the same tracings I’ve made earlier for the two other dresses that worked out fine.  I made the 3/4 length sleeve, because that is my favorite length. As before, I also drafted my pockets bigger, or big enough for it to carry my phone and lip balm.  I sewed the pocket to far away from the edge so it was huge flaps on either side of the two pockets. To “correct” it I simply sewed another round closer to the edge making it look like a twin needle job. You can really see the details on the beautiful fabric on the pocket picture, can’t you? I love it.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen it yet I have already picked two winners from my #sopbacgiveaway on instagram, congratulations to Elsa and Rhea who both chose the Anna dress pattern to win. I love the Anna dress pattern from By Hand London as well, and click on here to see my Anna dress makes.

So that is my update for now. See you guys later, bye!

Sophie Bach Meuche

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