Party, party, it’s a #MonetaParty


Hello there party people! I have been longing to use this fabric for such a long time, and when the Triple Stitches announced the #MonetaParty I was in from the start. I had the fabric and the pattern, all I needed then was time. I was surprise I manage to squeeze in time to finish the dress a week before the party! The only time hubby and me have time to take pictures was after work for the both of us.

So these pictures was taken about a month ago and I can really see the changes in the seasons now. You see, in Norway we don’t have much daylight in the winter months, and if you have a day job it’s usually dark when you go to work and when you come home. So the weekends are best for photos, but a month ago it was still some light out after I get home. We did two attempts of photo. I’ll show both times. Some of you might wonder why I don’t take pictures inside and do it any time of the day. Well, first of there is no natural place for me to take pictures in here, I don’t have any light setting here either. I have been thinking about purchasing some photo equipment like the lovely Emily over at the Self Assembly Required did.

This is when we took photos around 6 and 7 o’clock. The dress is the same, but we did need the street lights to not be using the flash.

I love the spinning photos! But did you notice?Jeez how long my hair has gotten! I know it’s long, and I have noticed it being very difficult to manage nowadays, but I didn’t realized it until I saw these photos. Why I don’t cut it you ask? Well, I’m not allowed. My hairdresser aka cousin won’t cut my hair until my wedding. Longer hair means more alternatives and more to play with.

Well back to the dress and the lighting. So here is it when we took pictures around 5 or 6 o’clock. What’s a party without dancing? So I’m dancing my pointing dance.

See the difference? It’s still a bit dark on the last photos, but it’s getting lighter and lighter every day now. I can’t wait for it to be spring now, although the snow makes everything beautiful, doesn’t it? I really like this pattern. I like the boat neckline , the 3/4 sleeves (which is my favorite length) and it has pockets! OK, I put pockets on everything, but this has it built in the pattern, that’s always a bonus.

Seriously, my hair is actually touching my butt…

Sophie Bach Meuche

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