Wedding post #1 – The Bachelorette Party.

Let me first say, I have the bests of friends. Hands down. I know they love me and I don’t know if I could ever repay them back ever again. So the next one to get married, watch out, it’s a hell of a love storm coming your way! Before that time too of course. This was during Easter vacation, and I had a jammed packed schedule. I had to plan every day to make room for everything I needed to do when I was in my hometown. That included wedding stuff that I couldn’t do from home, meet my friends, dinner with the in-laws and go on a 4-day family girls trip to Gdansk, celebrate my 27-birthday – all in 8 days.

On the day I planned on hanging with my girls I woke up and went downstairs and found my parents in the living room, I sat down in my PJ’s and talked to them. Suddenly my mother jumped up and wanted to talk to me alone in my bedroom. I was so scared thinking over what I might have done wrong (isn’t it weird that it doesn’t matter how old you get to think you did anything wrong?) and then thinking that my mother was sick or something. A lot of things happened in my head from the walk from the living room to my bedroom. Let me clarify, we never talk in my room, that’s why the alarms in my head went off.

After talking a bit on my bed about my accessories for my Vietnamese wedding dress, suddenly my sister burst in with a costume and stood there smiling, not saying anything. In my head I’m thinking “What’s up with you?” and then everybody else came into the room. All dresses in wonderful Beauty and the Beast costumes! That movie was my favorite disney movie growing up. I was always so mesmerised and in love with Belles beautiful iconic yellow ball gown. To this day I want that ball gown.

After picking me up we went to my best friends house and had breakfast there. After breakfast, they went around the table and everybody told a story they experienced with me. Since these are my oldest of friends and family, we’ve known each other forever and they are the greatest!

Let me introduce you to the girls (hover over their picture to see their names and characters):

After breakfast, we went for another drive. They didn’t tell me where we were going, and first, they drove down to the ferry, I was so scared! I hate boats and almost always get motion sick. To my relief, they took a turn and we went to a spa! I have never been to a spa, not only that, but they gave me a 60-minute full body massage! It was so amazing and relaxing, we took an ice cream and then went to lunch. The food was so fantastic and the plates was so big! just look at it!

I was so full after that meal I didn’t know what to do. So it was perfect that we went back to my best friend and relaxed a bit. They had sat up a photo booth for us to take pictures in, but that was on another camera that I haven’t gotten yet. We played games.

Oh, the games. OK, first of. Ever since I met hubby ten years ago I have slowly, but steady putting him in Disney school. He couldn’t care less, but still, he goes to the movies with me (and sleeps in the theatre..), but he’s there at least. My best friend has forced her boyfriend (one of hubbys best friend) and hubby to take a series of photos of Disney movie scenes for me to guess which movie it’s from. I couldn’t have loved that man more for doing it for me. My other best friend had dug deep in her boyfriend’s brain (he’s hubby’s oldest friend) for quiz questions to ask me about hubby. The questions were about hubby before the age of 17 when I was in the picture. They were hard! But I did manage to answer more than half of them correct and got chocolates. Then there was the bridesmaids and siblings turn to see how much they knew about me. Of course my sister that has known me longest got most of the questions right, and Mona and ToTo had equally less points had to kiss my stikny feet.

For dinner, they had made homemade lasagne alá Birna, which is the best lasagnas ever. So good, and for dessert a whole table of amazing cake and cupcakes. All in beautiful Beauty and the Beast theme.

I really am the luckiest girl there ever was to have such amazing friends. They made my day the best day. This was on April 15th the day after my birthday, and usually, I don’t like that day since it means that my birthday is over and I’m just a year older. They made it so fantastically fun! I don’t know what I’ve done without them. We are everyone in our own city for the moment, I’m in Trondheim as you might know, then there is Ås, Drøbak, Bergen, Sandefjord, Gothenburg (Sweden) and London (Great Britain). So that everyone had the time to come home and give me this wonderful day was nothing less than a miracle.

We’ve been very blessed that we found each other in high school and had stuck together ever since. And luckier that after hubby and I became an item that two of my girlfriends found love in two of his buddies. I hope you all know how much I love you and am truly grateful for everything that you’ve done for me <3

Sophie Bach Meuche

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