Fairy friends.


I’ve had this floral fabric for a while now, and if you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed that I’ve been in a black floral fabric phase for the lighter spring and summer months. Weird, yes! I try to stay clear of polyester fabrics, but I hope you understand why I can’t resist this fabric. It is so beautiful! I also try to stay away from the colour black so close to my face. In my opinion, I look too dark or almost gothic with my light golden skin, long black hair and a black dress. But florals, who can say no to florals? And trust me, I have two more black floral dresses to make hopefully soon!

OK, back to the recent dress. You might remember my Tinker Bell dress, she needs her other fairies. Tinker Bell was blogged about May 1st last year, so now it’s about time to give her some new friends. So here is the Vidia dress.

I wanted another Alix dress after I made my first one as a pattern tester for By Hand London, my Zazu dress. For this dress, the only thing I adjusted was the length of it. I did lengthen it a bit more than the original, but it seems like I could have lengthened it even more.

I’ve used it the last two Saturdays for parties, and I felt beautiful and the dress was perfect for both occasions. The first party was one of my dearest friends annually summer parties in Oslo. We barbeque, we talk, we dance they drink and I’m eating sugary treats. It’s always fun and this year he took it to a whole new level with the decorations. We had an inflatable flamingo! It fitted three of us girls in it! You can see it on my friends Instagram account here.

The second Saturday I spent in Gdansk, Poland, with my family celebrating my sisters 30th birthday. I made her a homemade gift, of course, that’s coming up on the blog later. And that was a sit-down dinner party at a fancy restaurant with a five-course meal. Perfect for this dress. You can eat a lot in the dress, just need to loosen the ties at the back!

So to summarize, the dress is perfect for twenty-something jumping around being silly party as well as for a formal dinner party. Isn’t that great?! The perfect little black dress for any occasions. Oh, and it isn’t often that I feel like a giant around my husband (oh wow, he’s my husband now), so I like taking pictures at the neighbour’s kids playground.

Sophie Bach Meuche

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