Lottie getting her ruffles on.

*Pattern testing


  • Name: Charlotte aka Lottie (from the Princess and the Frog)
  • Pattern: Chari dress from Schnittchen Patterns
  • Fabric: Woven cotton I got from my parents from their trip to India last fall.

This is my first time pattern testing for Schnittchen patterns. I made the Chari dress which is a part of their Spring and Summer collection 2017. I was glad to be one of their testers. I took these pictures as soon as I was done in April, and that’s why there is still snow on the ground. We don’t usually have snow in April, but you know… Global warming and everything…

Ok, let us get something out of the way… I don’t wear pink. So this is new to me. With that said, ruffles is all the fuss this season. All the stores I’ve been to has some kind of ruffle trends. Luckily, Schnittchen patterns picked up on that, and almost every pattern they release this season has ruffles. I got to test the Chari dress which was going to be one of the first ones to be released.

The pattern has a ruffle neckline and gives it a more interesting look. The dress itself is quite simple. It contains one front and one back piece, the ruffle neckline piece and the smock waistband piece. In total four pieces not included the bias binding. I think the pattern was revised after the testing period and the new pattern now has a neckline facing piece as well.

I really like the deep V-neckline at the back. Other than that I added pockets, as per usual. Looking at these photos and the snow, it doesn’t really scream spring/summer collection, doesn’t it? So I did what Lottie would do.

So here is some picture of the same dress taken in the middle of May When the snow has melted and the environment was getting greener again.

And here is some close up of the details of the dress.

Sophie Bach Meuche

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3 thoughts on “Lottie getting her ruffles on.

  • magdiczka

    So, let’s start at the beginning (no, I won’t comment the snow, let’s just forget it). The color is so beautiful, and suits you great. Actually pink is my discovery this season, so I might be not the most objective. The ruffle is so cute – not too much, just enough. The pattern turns out great. And you look great. I love your figure, it’s very feminine and it seems like a lot looks great on you.