Blue buddies

*Pattern testing

Chief Bogo & Silvermist

  • Name: Chief Bogo (from Zootopia) and Silvermist (from Tinker Bell)
  • Pattern: Orsola dress from By Hand London
  • Fabric: Viscose fabric from my stash

You know how much I love By Hand London, and if they need testers I’m all about to help them. When I saw the Orsola dress I didn’t know if I liked the design that much, or that I had the time. The deadline was quite quick and as you all know I had a wedding coming up and haven’t even started. Oops.

After having some time to think it over (about an hour) I replied that I will be testing the pattern. I thought I could always squees in a dress since I’m procrastinating on my own dress anyway. I got the pattern, printed and traced it out. Then I needed some fabric. Since the timeline was short I went to my stash and found this polka dot viscose that I didn’t have a plan for and wasn’t all that fond of. So to summarise; I wasn’t all that excited about the pattern so I used something that I didn’t like to not waste anything.

How wrong can one be about a pattern by just looking? This was one of the biggest surprises yet! I loved it! I really did, the drape, the fabric that – everything just came beautifully together! I was so stunned that I made the modifications I needed and made another one straight ahead!

I made the bodice in a size 8/12 which is my usual size from By Hand London and graded it out to a 10/14 at the waist and 14/18 at the hips. OK, I did go waaay overboard for my hips, but I saw the pattern was very snug and I didn’t want the wrap at the back to show my buttocks! So that’s why there’s more fabric at the hips on my chief Bogo dress.

So, then there was my second dress. I’ve intentionally saved the fabric for something beautiful to make out of this viscose fabric. I got this from my cousin from when see went home to Vietnam. I didn’t have any plans for it, but it was going to be something amazing. After making my chief Bogo dress I knew that it was time to use this fabric. Then Silvermist was born.

After making chief Bogo, I did some adjustment to the pattern. I had the bodice and waist at the size 8/12 and graded out to a size 10/14 at the hips. And as you can see the fit is perfect! And Sophie being Sophie I added pockets… I also shorten the skirt length by 5 cm for this dress.

I made the view A on both the dresses, the one with the tulip/one scallop hem at the front. I love that the waist ties and waistband is a separate piece from the bodice, so it holds a lot better than if it was attached to the bodice pieces alone.

The wrap at the back is amazing. The wrap is big enough so cover your butt and is so very flattering. The wrap also gives you this beautiful V-neck at the back. If you’re afraid of the wind blowing up your skirt you don’t have to worry. I tried showing you how much it would have to blow to even remotely show you anything. The first one you can’t see anything, but the second one when I have the wrap almost at my other hip you may see a little butt sticking out.

I did change between these two photos “in the wild”, by Hubbys help. Since the dress is so easy to put on and take off, it is very suitable for bikini season! When changing from chief Bogo to Silvermist hubby stood behind me holding the new dress in front, I took off my worn dress and put on the new one, no one saw a thing! Not that there was anyone around, but still! I did also moon the lake to show you. Hopefully, no one was behind those trees on the other side or else they might have had a stroke…

Sophie Bach Meuche

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3 thoughts on “Blue buddies

  • magdiczka

    Dear Lord, it’s so gorgeous! By Hand London… they really have this THING in their designs. They are so simple and basic, but when you put them on – wow! I’m stunned! You look so great in this shape! And it’s quite cool you did the hips too wide. Very cool! ?