Getting comfy in bodycon?

*Pattern testing

By Hand London has come out with another fantastic pattern, and I’ve been lucky enough to be pattern testing this one too. I tested this pattern way back in March so that’s why there’s still snow in the pictures. The Poppy dress/top is the first pattern from BHL to be sewn in a knit fabric. There is three version of the pattern. Version 1 is a long sleeved top, version 2 is a longed sleeved midi dress, and the last one is a short sleeved maxi dress with a knee-high split. Me being predictable as I am, I choose to go with the version 2.

For the testing period of the pattern, testers were so lucky to be gifted gift vouchers from the Fabric Store. I haven’ t shopped at the Fabric Store before because it doesn’t have stores in Norway and the shipping is a bit steep for me. That’s why I was so happy to finally try their products, I’ve heard amazing things. And everything is right! For this dress, I choose the premium merino in the colour Marsala.  My first impression of the company was “That was fast!”, I put in my order on a Thursday and it was ready for me on the following Monday! My next thought was “Oh my goodness that is soft!”. You can’t believe how soft this fabric is quality for sure.

The pattern itself is a very simple bodycon knit pattern. It has eye darts to shape the front and back. I really love the darts at the back, it shapes my bottom really nicely in my opinion. It makes a lot of difference. The fisheye dart at the sleeves is also a really fun and surprising little feature. I didn’t do any adjustments for this pattern although next time I’m sewing this up I would make the neckline a little smaller.

Okey, and now a little heart to heart honesty. I’m not too comfortable in my own skin. I was slim in my teens, but as I got older, got more comfortable I gained a lot of weight. Since then I have dropped a few, but there is still a lot of wobbliness and jiggling going on.  I’m not saying I have a weight problem, I’m saying for me I like to be more fit. But by all means don’t feel sorry for me! I make the choice of not exercise and to not eat healthier. I would like to do all these things, but it doesn’t give me any joy or pleasure. I suppose it’ll do it in the long run.

When I started to sew about three years ago I was at my biggest. I wanted to show you guys all my makes because I was so proud of them. Being in front of the camera is still very unnatural and exposing too me.  You show your face and your body for the internet to see. Somehow in my conscience, I started to move more somehow (because I still eat the same) and lost a bit weight. Sewing makes me get more comfortable. I like the fit and flare style because my belly and thighs are my “issues”, and those kinds of dresses hide that fact and make me feel beautiful and feminine. So when something like this pattern comes up I have to challenge myself and be brave. So to be more honest with you guys, I hadn’t eaten breakfast yet in these photos and I wore my pantyhose to my waist (as I always do). I don’t think I have a body image problem because when I look myself in the mirror naked I feel pretty, it’s when I’m covered in clothes I feel the “shame”. Weird, right?

We live in 2017, a time were the world tells us that we are beautiful no matter what size, shape or colour we are. I’m embracing it and make it my best.

Sophie Bach Meuche

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