4, 3, 2, 1…

School haven’t started full time yet, and I don’t work as much now at the shopping center as before with the Christmas rush so I have a lot more free time then usual. So what have I been doing? Sewing. And it’s a thrill. Four days, three dresses, two Coco and one Francoise.


Pattern: Coco Dress and Francoise Dress from Tilly and the Buttons.

After I have sewn the muslin for both the Francoise and the Coco from some bed covers I bought on sale after Christmas. I was hooked. I love how simple the dress is, the lines and the shape. It has some fit at the bust, but loose at the waist and hips. So comfortable, feminine and elegant. I needed to grade out the size for the hips (as always) so that it was loose around my hips and not wrapped. But that was the only alteration I made to the dress, I didn’t need to lengthen the bodice at this one, and I thought it looked great!

They look exactly the same, but it actually isn’t.. The left one is a Francoise with no collar and the right one is a Coco with very small pockets.

I saw this fabric at the store and I immediately thought of the Francoise dress. The combination of yellow and black was so pretty and I didn’t have a yellow dress yet! What?! Yellow is my favorite color I haven’t found a cool yellow fabric yet and this was perfect!

Francoise Dress

I added some cuffs at the sleeves and side seam pockets, because you know, Sophie needs her pockets. The collar together with the cuffs was a very good contrast to the main fabric. I’m happy.

The two Coco dresses is made from double knit fabric. Enough to give it a little body and shape. I started with the green hexagon one. Seems like green honey or something. I thought the large pocket for the muslin was to small for my taste so I self-drafted the size from my phone with some seam allowance, it fits my phone perfectly, but only my phone…

Coco Dress

I love the Aztec pattern lookalike from this fabric! Isn’t it pretty?! So the mistake of only fitting my phone on the first Coco dress I made these pockets a bit bigger, and it fitted perfectly between the lines don’t you think?

Coco Dress

Sophie Bach Meuche

What do you think?

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