My first outwear!


  • Name: Remy (from Ratatouille)
  • Pattern: Pavot jacket (discontinued) from Deer and Doe
  • Fabric: Jacquard brocade fabric from Stoff & Stil

As you might know, this pattern is no longer for sale. When Deer and Doe redesigned their patterns and website, they decided to not sell the Pavot jacket anymore. They did promise to give out another jacket pattern soon, and they did. The Luzerne coat is amazing and I’ve made two of them already! Soon to come.

I tried to find the fabric I used for the coat again on Stoff & Stil, but I couldn’t find it so I guess everything in this with this garment is no longer for sale. I’ve had the pattern for two years I think now, and only now had made it. I made a muslin for spring last year, and it stopped there. I’ve cut out the pattern pieces a few months ago and also put it in the WIP pile.

And suddenly I had an amazingly productive weekend and sewed up my Kevin dress, officer Hopps and this Remy coat all in a day and a half! They were all already cut out fabric, so it was only the sewing part again, and when I getting into the sewing zone, it’s hard to get me out of it. OK, dinner, dinner gets me out of it. Does it also happen to you that when you’re in the zone that you forget all about food or water and when you suddenly think of it you are incredibly hungry and need food right away?

This coat is a button up as you can see. My buttonhole sewing foot was too small for these buttons so I had to manually make the buttonholes myself. I hadn’t done that since I got my new machine two years ago, you forget the luxuries that come with the newer machines that everything is automatic. So that was a neat trick, not every buttonhole is symmetric or big enough, but if I squeeze and pull hard enough the button will come though as you can see.

There are some other details on the pattern as well. There are the gathered sleeves, which I didn’t notice before on the garment, the sweet peter pan collar which I fell for in the first place. And the waistband so I didn’t need to lengthen the bodice. I did also use a contrasting fabric for the pockets and un der the collar, just to give it a pop.

I like the coat very much, but I’m afraid I made it a bit late for the season. I thought it was going to be a thicker fabric. I’ve been wearing it for a time now, and when it’s sunny outside it’s fine, but when it’s cloudy the jacket isn’t thick enough. But I’m wearing it as much as I can. The dress I’m wearing is my Elastigirl dress, which is a Flora dress from By Hand London I’ve made three years ago and haven’t blogged about!


Sophie Bach Meuche

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