Boyscouts honor.


  • Name: Russell (from Up)
  • Pattern: B6453 from Butterick by Gertie
  • Fabric: Floral cotton from Stoff & Stil

A wilderness explorer is a friend to all, be a plant or fish or tiny mole!

I made this dress with the pencil skirt as a muslin actually, but it turned out great! I love it when a muslin turns out to be wearable muslins. The reason for making this muslin is because I’m making this dress for my next blog post over at Minerva Crafts Blogger Network. So I had to test the fitting before cutting into my beautiful fabric supplied by Minerva Crafts. It is going to be the Flock fabric from Michael Miller, and I’m in love with it.

It seems like everyone has made this dress during the summer and I can see the reason why. The shape of the pattern is so flattering. The only thing I needed to do for adjustments was to grade out the size from my waist to my hips. You know, big butt problems. It now fits, without me feeling like a giant stuffed sausage. I could have done a full belly adjustment as well, but I think it worked without?

The skirt is a bit long for my taste, but I didn’t change it. Because as you can see, when I sit down it doesn’t ride that much up, gold. The split in the back makes it really easy to walk also. This is the look I give my husband when he says something stupid, great to have captured it on camera! I love it.

You can soon read about my next Minerva Crafts Blogger Network post, it’s called “Last chance to show those bare legs”. Hope you like it! Now, chocolate break.

Sophie Bach Meuche

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