The amazing Tiana!


If you do your best each and every day, good things are sure to come your way.

Tiana from the movie has a bunch of incredible motivation quotes that I like. My family didn’t have much growing up with my parents being first-generation immigrants. We did manage for all I know, but I also know that my parents worked their butts off to get us kids what we needed and how we got there. I love them for that. So I’ve always worked for everything I have and not take anything for granted. So if you see me sometimes post on Instagram about something expensive, believe me, I’ve earned it myself, and I’m proud of that.

Ok, enough with the personal and back to Tiana. She is the amazing trench coat I made recently. After I made her I haven’t stopped wearing her outside. Even though it’s getting colder outside it is fairly warm! And if it gets colder I’ll use a scarf around my neck.

You might have read about the trench coat I made for my sisters birthday earlier. It is the same coat only I made mine in with a size 38 at the bodice and graded it out to a size 40 for my hips. All in all the coat is the same as I’ve blogged about earlier, but I can’t get over how amazing this pattern is, and how my own coat turned out to be! All the details!

It might seem like old news to you, but it’s a whole other thing to have your own coat even when you’ve already made it for someone else. The welted buttons are still my favorite thing on this coat alongside with the two-piece sleeves and the big pockets. Since I have bigger upper arms than usual patterns I need to do a full bicep adjustment. And this is my first one with a two piece.

Now that I have my trench coat I would love to make another one in both yellow and red! Let’s see if I have the time for that though since I’m also planning on making a Kelly anorak AND a Tosti jacket this season. Too much to do, so little time to do it in.

Oh and my insides? I wanted to have a fun contrasting bias binding and didn’t order any in time to make it so I had to find something local and this was the one that was most pleasing. See how incredibly big those pockets are? In love. And I’m wearing my Kevin dress with the trench.

Sophie Bach Meuche

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7 thoughts on “The amazing Tiana!

  • Lowri

    I love it! Been waiting to read your blog on this since you shared the photo on Instagram ? Bought some navy cotton drill and hoping to start next week. I too have bigger upper arms (sadly, not from exercise!) What bicep adjustment did you use? Or did you make up your own?

    Love the finished product!


    • Sophie Bach Post author

      Thank you so much! A navy one is going to look amazing!

      I did my own kind of adjustment, I couldn’t for the life of me not find on the Internet how you could adjust the bicep with for a two piece sleeve. I made the adjustment by grading out the amount I needed on the side of the sleeve that was slashes the sleeve in two (if that made sense). I measured the seam allowance and then from there graded the exact amount on both pieced, and then back to my actual size by the elbow again. It’s hard to explain. But let me know if you have further questions, I could maybe send you some illustrations ?

      And don’t be sad about having bigger upper arms without exercise, that’s my reason too! You got a wingwoman (get it? ?) in me <3