All he wanted was to play jazz.

  • Name: Louise (from the Princess and the Frog)
  • Pattern: Anna dress bodice with Zeena dress skirt from By Hand London
  • Fabric: Brushed tartan cotton fabric from Minerva Crafts

Happy December 1st everyone! I myself got a tea advent calendar from my husband that I have already started my day with. I love advent calendars, whether it is made of chocolate, tea or whatever it’s made out of these days. It’s not a tradition that I grew up with, but a lovely one I have adopted when I moved away from home. I went for the big one this year and ordered a scotch whiskey advent calendar for my husband from Master of Malt (no affiliation). He got it on our 10 year anniversary in October, and now he came begin.  I open my calendar in the morning, and him in the evening. We are not Christian, so for me, this time of year is about family and friends. Getting to spend time with each other over good food is a warm and happy atmostpher.

One and a half month ago I entered #sewingthescene competition on Instagram. I loved the theme, it was to recreate a garment from a movie or series that you liked. I wanted to make the dress Mary Jackson wore in the open scene of the movie Hidden Figures, the role was played by Janelle Monáe. She is the one on the left. 

I fell in love when I saw it. The first thing I was thinking was that the dress could be made up with an Anna bodice and Charlotte skirt (both from By Hand London), with a little wrap action hack at the bodice. I’ve made the Annalotte combo before, but haven’t used it as much. I thought about why I haven’t used it as much as I would like and tried decoding it. I found two reasons for it not being used. First off, the fabric of a newbie came to mind. The dress was a formfitting one, and the fabric is a stiff cotton I got from IKEA. The other reason was that the dress had very limited movement. I could be because of the fabric, but for me, it’s the hip-hugging skirt.

So to ensure that I was wearing this upcoming make I had to make some tweaks to it.

I ordered the fabric at the beginning of August when I saw the competition and figured I had time. The deadline for the competition was on October 15th. So naturally, I forgot about it until the 14th. When I had a lazy Saturday morning scrolling through Instagram it dawned on me. Shit. The deadline is tomorrow! So I spent the day in front of the machine, lucky for me I had no other plans that weekend. I didn’t have time to hack the bodice for the wrap detail so I went with the original Anna bodice.

The skirt was not going to be the Charlotte one, not until I adjusted it to fit me better, again I went for a fit and flare style. I paired the bodice with the pleated Zeena skirt. It worked out well I would say.

Looking back at it. The dress I made resembled more of the one Katherine Goble/Johnson played by Taraji P. Henson (in the middle) than the dress I was intended making. Since the movie was from the early 1960s I put on some red lipstick for the occation. But I wondered, did women have long hair at that time? And if they did, was it always made into an updo? I didn’t know what to do with it so I let it be.

As far as competition goes, I did get my pictures in in time. I was nominated as the top three in the category “Bang up to date”. Even though I didn’t win, I have accomplished what I wanted with the dress. I made a snuggly dress which is comfortable to wear and I could use in my everyday wardrobe. That’s a win itself.

You might have figured out it was raining on that Sunday afternoon by now.

Sophie Bach Meuche

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