The time of the wrap dress

I was just casually checking Instagram during work (shh!) and saw Sew Over It released this pattern. I immediately purchased it right then and there.  I fell in love with it, but then again I love everything that Lisa Comforts wear. What I keep forgetting is that if it looks good on her, it doesn’t necessarily look good on me. I know my body shape, love it, and now know that the baggy bodice type dresses are really not my thing, and I have tried it – Like my last dress, the Piglet dress.  See? Told you!

I wanted to make the pattern as soon as I got it, so I needed to see what my stash had that could be suitable. I got this Birds in Flight fabric from Minerva Crafts a while ago with no usage in mind. Then I was saving it for making the Stella shirtdress from Named whenever I felt for making it. But when I didn’t find any other fabric that I was crazy for making the 1940s wrap dress out off I ended up using the birds fabric after all. The fabric is a bit sheer, so I have to wear a slip dress underneath, which isn’t a problem per say, but when I’m wearing it with tights underneath it tends to ride up. Oh well, small problems.


I’ve had a thing for wrap dresses know ever since I tested the Orsola dress pattern for By Hand London. It’s so simple, you just wrap yourself up and you’re good to go. I’ve had the Ultimate wrap dress pattern from Sew Over It for a while, but since it’s a knit pattern I’ve put it a bit on hold. I’m still a bit scared of knitted fabric. Luckily for me, I’m reviewing Wendy Ward’s new book The beginners’ guide for sewing with knitted fabrics: Everything you need to know to make 20 essential garments. I’m hoping this bad boy will fill in my knowledge holes on knits and make me more confident to make knits. After making this dress I also purchased the Eve dress pattern from them since that one doesn’t have a baggy bodice.

What I really liked about this pattern is its closures. It doesn’t use straps to keep it together but buttons.  I made mine with two 2 cm snap buttons, and I really like it. The minus about this might be that you don’t get to adjust the waist after eating a large meal (we’ve all been there am I right?), because it has buttons and not straps. But I like this closure on wraps more actually.

I don’t hate the fit, it is just that I don’t like the baggy bodice part all that much. But in the end, I really like the dress and have been using it lately. Bianca has made two dresses of this pattern already, but I especially like this plain olive green one she made using tencel twill. I don’t understand much of what she’s writing, but Carme Nicolau made a version in navy with white dots and white piping along the wrap, I thought that was very clever!

Obviously, I’m naming the dress Flit because of all the hummingbirds on the fabric, and the blue/green one really looks like Flit!

  • Name: Flit (from Pocahontas)
  • Pattern. 1940s wrap dress from Sew Over It
  • Size: UK 12
  • Fabric: Birds in flight polyester crepe fabric from Minerva Crafts

Sophie Bach

Sophie Bach Meuche

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