Sophie’s World #3 – 2017

Hello sewing friends. I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas celebrations, eaten a lot of good food and laughed among family and friends. I certainly have, and I wished it didn’t have to end. But we have to come back to reality, work and everyday life awaits!

Since the new year is approaching lightning fast nowadays I thought I’d do a little recap of what has happened to me the year that has passed and what I wish for the year to come.

In January, I got a job, a full-time position, but it was just a one-year project contract, so my project which I’ve been working on is coming to an end. These last days I’ve been tying up loose ends. Luckily, I have a new project starting from new years and will last about four months. After that, I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I’m crossing my fingers and toes that they’ll offer me a full-time job.

Instagram is my social media of choice and I was extremely happy when I finally reached a thousand followers in February. I was so lucky that By Hand London wanted to sponsor me for a giveaway so that I could give back to my followers. I got two patterns to give away to two random winners. They both asked for the Anna Dress pattern, which is totally understandable. I made my wedding dress out of that pattern, so I do believe in the hype that is the Anna. I am still a pattern tester for By Hand London, and this year I’ve testet the Poppy top and dress, the  Orsola dress and skirt, and the newly released Rumana Coat.

In March, I got the honour of writing my first guest post for Minerva Crafts. I made my Flash dress which has been worn near death. I’ve written a lot more for Minerva Crafts after that,  all from guest posts to product reviews.

I’ve finally married my boyfriend of 10 years. I’ve sewed a lot for my wedding. I sewed my wedding dress, a dress for all my four bridesmaids, dresses for my sister and mother, and pocket squares and bow ties for my husband, four grooms, my father and BIL. You can read every post from the wedding here.

I’ve applied to be a part of Minerva Crafts Blogger Network earlier in the year, but they didn’t have an open spot at the time. But as time went by a spot opened up and I have since August been a regular #MCBN blogger the second Sunday of each month! With this new gig, I feel I can control what I make since I now have a deadline. It has really helped me agreeing to make something that I hadn’t priorities earlier. Making my sewing queue a bit smaller a blog post at a time.

So this was my make nine list for 2017. Out of it I made four, only four! I’m so bad at this it almost hurts… Of these patterns I made my Piglet dress, Merida dress, the Charlie dress for one of my bridesmaids and my principal Masur jeans. Well, I’m hoping to improve as any other year. So this is my new list for 2018:

From left to right – top to bottom:

  1. Kelly Anorak from Closet Case Patterns- Well, this was on last years list as well, but I have to. I just have to.
  2. Agnes Top from Tilly and the Buttons – A knit top is so versatile, I’m thinking of going through my closet when I get back home, and I do need something to replace my old ones with not so pretty holes and bleach marks.
  3. Datura blouse from Deer & Doe – Yes, another one that is from last years list. I think it’s so simple that’s why I keep putting it off.
  4. Zadie dress from Tilly and the Buttons – This autumn/winter I have mostly been wearing comfortable Cocos and Monetas, so another knit dress in the mix is highly appreciated.
  5. Eve dress from Sew Over It – After making my 1940’s wrap dress I wanted to make a wrap dress in a woven fabric that didn’t have the baggy bodice so this was a clear choice.
  6. Penny dress from Colette Patterns – Who can say no to a shirt dress? I can’t get enough of my shirtdresses and this one will fit right in.
  7. Sasha Trousers – Oh yes, I’m trying to make trousers, again! Really stretching out my comfort zone every time. I like the idea of trousers so much, even though I don’t wear it as much, but I’m hoping it’ll change!
  8. Azara Skirt from Deer & Doe – I’m going to try and be a grown up this year and make the skirt length below the knees and see how that feels for a change. I’ve always felt that it made me look shorter somehow. It usually does with the midi lengths, but maybe I can pull the just-below-the-knee-look?
  9. Flint Shorts from Megan Nielsen Patterns – Oh my god, I’m still in love with these. I was supposed to make them last summer, but with the wedding and everything, it was a bit much. I don’t think the fitting is as complicated as fitted trousers, and it looks like a dream to wear!

If I get to make five of these nine patterns within 2018 I would be extremely happy!

Sophie Bach Meuche

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